Reusable tableware tested in ten stores in France

McDonald’s would like to do away with everything disposable. The fast food chain is currently testing reusable tableware at some of its restaurants, reports Business Insider. This means that burgers, fries, drinks and other specialties are no longer served in cardboard containers.

Liquids are served in glass glasses of various sizes. The glass has also been chosen for serving coffees or Sundae ice creams. The fries, usually served in cardboard cones, are now presented in rigid cones, made of red ceramic, characteristic of the American brand, specifies the media.

A simple paper for burgers

Children’s menus, like salads, are served in recyclable plastic boxes, but they should not be thrown out because they are reusable. As for burgers, the resealable cardboard box is abandoned in favor of a simple paper that surrounds them, as is already the case for wraps.

These changes do not apply to take-out. McDonald’s has made little comment on the tests being carried out, however specifying that Business Insider that this reusable tableware had been “specially developed for the brand in France”. She did not indicate which restaurants were concerned, merely stressing that “the reception of customers is enthusiastic”. At this stage, no generalization of the device would be planned for the moment in some 1,500 restaurants in the country.


Reusable tableware tested ten stores France

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