Portel-des-Corbières. Gabrielle’s last companion confessed to her murder

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A 28-year-old man from the Paris region and temporarily residing in his car has been indicted for murder on a vulnerable person. He had been in a relationship with the young woman for a few weeks.

It was a bad meeting that led to the death of Gabrielle Desprez, 24, whose body weighted with stones was found in the Berre River in Portel-des-Corbières on June 10. Encountered by hitchhiking, Gabrielle’s last companion, Jonathan Morin *, aged 28, was brought before the examining magistrate this Thursday, July 1 and indicted for murder on a vulnerable person and placed in pre-trial detention.

On June 17, a judicial investigation was opened for murder and arbitrary sequestration followed by death. A working group was then made up of several investigators from the Montpellier research section and the Narbonne research brigade. It was by closing the circle around Gabrielle’s friends, and the people who were with her the day before her disappearance, that investigators were intrigued by Jonathan. Then, what directed the investigators is that Gabrielle’s credit card was used a few hours after the discovery of her body. On June 30, the gendarmes arrested Jonathan Morin in order to avoid any possible flight from the territory. He was heard and during his hearing, admitted to being the author of the young woman’s death. He explained to the police that on June 8 – two days before the discovery of the body – they were on the banks of the Berre when they quarreled.

“The man evokes an altercation but if he recognizes his full responsibility in the death of the young woman, he does not give any details on the circumstances”, indicates the public prosecutor Eric Camous. He sees himself again, keeping the victim’s head under the water, but says nothing more “. Jonathan Morin only explained that he opened Gabrielle’s travel bag, took rocks from the bank to place them in the luggage. He tied the body of the young woman with her bra and swimsuit before sinking the body and leaving the scene. The man is unknown to the justice services, has a clean record. He claims to experience regrets and evokes very heavy traumas experienced in his childhood. “He presents personality disorders that question, and for which we expect a lot of psychiatric expertise”, continues the prosecutor. The investigations are continuing under letter rogatory to establish with accuracy the facts which led to the death of Gabrielle Desprez. The young woman, who grew up in Gruissan aux Ayguades was placed under guardianship, and recently lived in Narbonne.

Blows to the face

When it had been reassembled, the body of the young woman was attached to a travel bag by a bra and a female swimsuit. Gabrielle was wearing leggings and was without shoes. The first examination carried out by the medical examiner after the lifting of the body revealed an injury to the eye and severe blows to the face, including wounds. The autopsy did not reveal any genital lesion or defensive lesion, which tends to prove that the unfortunate woman did not defend herself. The doctor noted pulmonary edema. But for the moment, neither the results of the toxicological analyzes, nor that of the anatomo-cytopathological analyzes are known.

A homeless man from the Paris region

Jonathan Morin, originally from the Paris region, hitchhiked Gabrielle during the month of May. He is homeless and lives temporarily in his car. He claims to have experienced a mutual love at first sight, and the couple then began an affair. But according to him, Gabrielle couldn’t stand having her at home, and the two often went “on a trip” by car. Then a tension appeared within the couple, Jonathan according to his statements, having difficulty bearing that Gabrielle evokes a relationship maintained with her former companion.

* Anyone suspected or prosecuted is presumed innocent until his guilt has been definitively established.

Very large resources deployed on the investigation

The national gendarmerie has deployed a very important device to quickly resolve this case. The territorial brigade of Port-La Nouvelle, the research brigade of Narbonne, the criminal investigation technicians (TIC) of Carcassonne, the nautical brigade of Leucate, the underwater investigation technicians of the nautical brigade of Saint-Cyprien. The firefighters, including the divers from the departmental nautical brigade, were mobilized. These units of the national gendarmerie were reinforced by the research section of Montpellier, finally, two prosecutors went to the scene of the discovery of the body.

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