Historic heatwave: more than 700 dead in Canada, 150 fires in progress

Historic heatwave: more than 700 dead in Canada, 150 fires in progress
Historic heatwave: more than 700 dead in Canada, 150 fires in progress

CLIMATE DISASTER – The never-before-seen heat wave in western Canada and the United States has claimed more than 700 lives. 150 fires were still in progress on Saturday morning.

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It’s a scene worthy of an apocalyptic movie. A water bomber tries to calm a fire in Shasta County, California. All the inhabitants of the area were evacuated. Some are surrounded by a wall of thick smoke, while others observe the smoke in the distance on the road and cannot believe their eyes. 9,000 US firefighters have been deployed and there could be more if the situation worsens. Ditto in Canada, where the village of Lytton, was evacuated this Thursday while being swallowed by smoke. Since then, the village has been totally destroyed.

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North America hit by unprecedented heatwave

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Heatwave in Canada: on fire after record heat, village of Lytton evacuated

Over 700 dead

As of Saturday morning, more than 150 fires were still in progress. Experts estimate that this heat wave, which triggered heatwave alerts in areas where millions of people live and claimed nearly 700 lives in Canada and at least 16 in the United States, was caused by global warming climate.

The heat wave continued this Saturday in the prairies of central Canada. In addition to British Columbia, heat wave warnings have been issued for the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, as well as part of the Northwest Territories, and now northern Ontario. The US states of Washington and Oregon, across the border, also suffocated this week in record temperatures.

A phenomenon that you will have to get used to

“We must do everything possible to be prepared for this new phenomenon. Global warming is causing extreme heat and prolonged drought,” reacted US President Joe Biden. These fires which ravage the west coast of the United States are in particular due to a “heat dome” – clouds of hot smoke, heavy and charged with electricity – under which it is more than 45 ° C.

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A phenomenon to which one will unfortunately have to get used to, as the meteorologist Christelle Robert explains, in the TF1 report at the top of the article: “The temperature records have been shattered, several days in a row, it is an exceptional situation (…) the projections indicate that more frequent and more intense heat waves will have to be expected.” The heat dome is now moving away from the west coast and is expected to hit eastern America in the coming days.

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Historic heatwave dead Canada fires progress

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