Nine months before the presidential election, Marine Le Pen weakened

Nine months before the presidential election, Marine Le Pen weakened
Nine months before the presidential election, Marine Le Pen weakened

The National Gathering holds its congress on Saturday July 3 in Perpignan in the city of Louis Aliot, RN mayor of the city. Marine Le Pen, who will speak at 3 p.m., is guaranteed to be reelected at the head of the RN, the final step before being nominated as a candidate for the presidential election. However, what should have been a big rout to plan for 2022 may well turn into a meeting with a much more gloomy atmosphere because of the regional elections. The results are bad: no region won and the party loses a third of its regional and departmental elected representatives.

Behind the facade of a party that wants to move on, we will hear questions echoing in the corridors of the Palais des Congrès in Perpignan. For a week at the National Rally, we have been trying to understand why the voters of the party have shunned its candidates in the regional elections. Officially, it is the fault of the abstention, even of the government which did not communicate enough. The explanation is a little short and some wonder if there is not a subject of political line or if the ripolinage of the speech of Marine Le Pen has reached its limits. “We no longer say anything about anything, so we no longer listen to us”, deplores a local framework.

The president of the RN is more discreet, perhaps less caricatured on its fundamentals such as immigration and insecurity, in favor of subjects such as debt and the taxation of inheritance to gain credibility. Others criticize too much openness with the heads of regional lists from the right. A choice that pushed the party delegate in Hérault slammed the door this week. “People who have not been invested or who are bitter”, we sweep at the headquarters of the RN.

Many are worried about the party’s pyramid governance. “Everything is decided by Marine and a few relatives”, explains a local elected official who paid the price. Perhaps for this reason, the congress is unlikely to turn into a discussion forum. “This congress will be useless”, predicts the same chosen one.

We can’t imagine a big change of line for Marine Le Pen this weekend. “Changing the line would be completely irrelevant, the RN will not become the FN again”, defends a close friend of Marine Le Pen. There is no question of going back to excess, nor of showing a more radical face. The party is also betting that the abstention is only temporary and that the RN voters will mobilize again for the presidential election.

Nonetheless, the party’s faithful may minimize this electoral accident, Marine Le Pen must hammer out his strategy, his line in his speech on Saturday afternoon. A president of the RN in defense, proof that the regional have indeed shaken the boss of the National Gathering.

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