Castelsarrasin. France Cancer partner business students

“Each promotion must create a project in partnership with a company or an association which will be the subject of a grand oral for the baccalaureate”, indicates Sonia Marteaux, professor of commerce and referent of the project. With this in mind, the 1st commerce students decided to do a project in partnership with France Cancer. Specialized in the recovery of cork stoppers or false cork, the association aims to obtain funds for research against cancer.

In order to facilitate the recovery of the caps, the high school students, helped by their teachers, made receptacles. The first container was placed in the hall of the school. “The students are divided into groups of two or three, that makes between twelve to fifteen containers and the final objective is to distribute them everywhere in supermarkets, companies or even the wine cellars of the department near the shops. student accommodation Other containers will also be placed in the teachers’ room and in the establishment’s application restaurant, “explains Sonia Marteaux.

Engaged students

Throughout the project, the students showed themselves to be involved, interested, they obviously learned a lot thanks to a worker from the association. “This project particularly affected our students since the disease affects all families”, adds the teacher. The teachers, however, encountered some difficulties in mobilizing the students following the sanitary conditions: “the manufacture of the receptacles took longer than expected due to the Covid, we only saw the students in half-groups and once on two. They were able to demonstrate great citizenship and seriousness, “says Maryline Rodolausse, the school’s culture and equality referent.

The former also placed posters in the school to inform their comrades of the recovery of traffic jams, to encourage as many high school students as possible to participate in the process. The teachers assure that other initiatives will be put in place from the start of the school year to continue the project as well as possible. New meetings with the association are planned.


Castelsarrasin France Cancer partner business students

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