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Jean-Luc Coronel de Boissezon (left), former history professor, with a lawyer upon his arrival at the Montpellier Criminal Court before the opening of his trial, on May 20, 2021. SYLVAIN THOMAS / AFP

The Montpellier Criminal Court rendered its judgment, Friday, July 2, in the case of the commando of the law school of Montpellier. The seven defendants were found guilty of intentional violence in meetings and of complicity.

In March 2018, a « commando » of a dozen people had violently dislodged striking students from an amphitheater of the faculty of law. Some members of this commando were hooded and armed with planks or a taser. Several students were then injured. The images, which had circulated on social networks, show the violence of the scene.

The dean of the faculty, Philippe Pétel, is sentenced to eighteen months in prison. All the other defendants are sentenced to prison. This is particularly the case of the former professor of the history of law Jean-Luc Coronel de Boissezon and his wife, Patricia Margand, both sentenced to fourteen months in prison, including six months fixed, a sentence that they can execute at home, under electronic surveillance. It was they who had called on knowledge for the muscular evacuation of the amphitheater.

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Unsurprisingly, it is the members of the commando who receive the heaviest penalties: Thierry Vincent and Thierry Puech, two former soldiers, as well as Mathieu Rolouis, a jouster from Sète. were sentenced to six months in prison, under electronic bracelet. And Martial Roudier, the son of the founder of the identity group of the Ligue du Midi, already condemned several times, is sentenced to one year.

“Street pressure”

During the trial, the retired colonel, Thierry Vincent, explained that he intervened because the state had not done its duty: he was targeting the prefect, who had refused to act to evacuate the amphitheater. The prosecutor then replied that “No one can take the place of the State to exercise violence”. The judge clearly followed this analysis, supported by the fact that six of the seven defendants (all except the ex-dean Pétel) had proven links with the extreme right.

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Maître Iris Christol, lawyer for former dean Philippe Pétel, does not intend to appeal, and considers that the judge “Made a clear distinction between my client, who admitted his fault by accepting the project that had been presented to him, and the others”. Clearly, according to her, the judge treated differently those who organized or participated in the assault, and the one who allowed himself to be convinced and gave the green light. “He knew he would be doomed. He is lucid but tired. “

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