Covid-19: what restrictions can France put in place in the event of an epidemic rebound?

Covid-19: what restrictions can France put in place in the event of an epidemic rebound?
Covid-19: what restrictions can France put in place in the event of an epidemic rebound?

HEALTH CRISIS – Faced with the Delta variant and signs of a rebound of Covid-19 in Europe, Portugal has reinstated the curfew in many cities. In France, the end of the state of health emergency in no way prohibits new restrictions, if the situation were to deteriorate. Here are which ones.

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Has France finished for good with health restrictions? If the Hexagon has recorded for several weeks a particularly low level of contamination and the summer improvement is confirmed, the signs of recovery in Europe due to the Delta variant undoubtedly raise this question.

In Portugal, a rebound in contamination has led the authorities to re-establish the curfew in 45 cities, including Lisbon, in an attempt to curb the phenomenon. Portugal which, like Spain, has again tightened entry conditions for travelers from the United Kingdom, where the variant is particularly present.

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In France, can we expect, in the event of an aggravation, a return to the measures which have conditioned the movements of the French throughout the year?

A transitional regime which provides for these restrictions

At this stage, measures have already been taken in the Landes and in the Var, the prefects having decided to extend the restrictions by at least two weeks, until July 16: obligation to wear a mask in busy public places and in shopping centers and ban on alcohol consumption in public spaces.

At the local and national level, the authorities could however take additional measures in the event of an epidemic rebound. The current regime for exiting the state of health emergency, provided for by the law of May 31, 2021, provides for a transitional system running until September 30. During this period, the Prime Minister can still, by a simple decree, restrict or even prohibit travel in the territories where the virus would circulate strongly.

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It could just as much limit again the opening of establishments receiving the public, shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas or others, or restrict access by reintroducing gauges. The head of government would also be able to ban rallies, meetings and demonstrations.

Note that some restrictions have never disappeared. The law of May 31 provides in particular for the obligation of the “sanitary pass”, at work for gatherings of more than 1000 people, as well as the obligation to wear a mask during outdoor cultural events, or the regime. reinforced quarantine and isolation for foreign nationals.

State of health emergency in the event of deterioration

Finally, the current legal framework provides that the government can, in the event of sudden deterioration, pronounce a new state of health emergency. But the return of this exceptional regime, which must be decreed by the Council of Ministers for a period of one month, on the basis of a reasoned scientific opinion, should, to be extended, be again validated by a law passed. in Parliament.

The same goes for the establishment of a curfew, the executive having put an end to this measure since last June 20 and the regime of exit from the health crisis not providing for the introduction of this measure at- beyond June 30, 2021.

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