Macron’s words about the crop top at school are controversial

Macron’s words about the crop top at school are controversial
Macron’s words about the crop top at school are controversial

Asked by It, the Head of State estimated that “anything that refers you to an identity, a desire to shock or to exist has no place in school”.

Last September, it was the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer who called for a “republican outfit” in schools. Emmanuel Macron was at the time limited to advocating “common sense”. “I’m not sure I have to meddle in everything,” he said of the # Monday14 September movement, which aimed to fight against injunctions made to teenage girls in their outfits.

A position that the Head of State has apparently reconsidered. Asked about wearing a crop top, a short T-shirt, in the street or at school, during an interview with It posted online Thursday, the president spoke in favor of “decent attire required”:

“At home or with friends, that’s one thing. At school, I’m more of a ‘dress code’, for both girls and boys. I’m not an advocate for uniforms, but anything that sends you back to an identity, a desire to shock or to exist has no place in school, “he said.

Schiappa does not want a “clash” with Macron

Comments abundantly commented on social networks, which made several political figures react. Within the government, Marlène Schiappa kicked in touch, declaring this Friday at the microphone of RMC not wanting to “get into a clash with the President of the Republic on for or against the crop top”.

“This is a response from the President to a question in a magazine called It, it’s not a law. Am I wearing a crop top? Would I go to work at the Home Office with a crop top? No, it is better not “, opposed the Minister for Citizenship.

A delicate position for the former Secretary of State in charge of equality between Women and Men, who last September, unambiguously supported the # Monday14september movement.

“Young girls have spontaneously decided all over France to wear low-cut crop top or make-up skirts to assert their freedom in the face of sexist judgments and acts. As a mother, I support them with sorority and admiration”,


Mélenchon compares Macron to Ayatollah Khomeini

On the left, several personalities criticized the response formulated by Emmanuel Macron. At a press conference on Thursday, Jean-Luc Mélenchon drew a parallel between Ayatollah Khomeini and the French leader:

“We have two thinkers of women’s clothing, Ayatollah Khomeini followed by Ayatollah Khameini, and Mr. Macron, who decides what length, from which a young woman or a young girl or a girl behaves in a decent or not. It’s so incredible that I think that most of us remain dumbfounded and that we even wonder if we want to argue on such a subject “, rebuked the rebellious leader, candidate for the presidential.

“The problem is men’s eyes”, for Piolle

For the mayor of Grenoble Éric Piolle, also officially a recent presidential candidate, via the primary environmentalist, Emmanuel Macron has entered into a “sterile controversy”.

“It is not his role. I repeat: the problem is the gaze of men, not the navels of girls. Some are obsessed with the bodies of women. What matters to me is the rights of women. women, “he tweeted on Thursday, reiterating the position he had made in September.

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