Landes: the complaint filed by the family of a retiree, died after a vaccine, closed

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The complaint against X for manslaughter filed by the relatives of a septuagenarian Landais, who died in February of a cardio-respiratory arrest 12 days after a first injection of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, was dismissed, the prosecution said on Friday. by Dax.

In a press release, the public prosecutor Rodolphe Jarry explains that it emerges from the elements of the procedure and the analysis of the medical file of this man, aged 75 years and domiciled in Capbreton, that the vaccination took place 12 days before the death appears to be a “chronological coincidence”.

It was established “that the post-vaccination period in the deceased did not correspond at all to the clinical picture which could be observed in some people who presented venous thrombosis,” the statement continued.

“The most probable cause of death was a heart attack”

According to this source, the man had not complained of any particular problem after his vaccination on February 3, “except for some stomach aches” on February 14.
On the 15th, a friend had found him lifeless on his property while he was obviously gardening. The emergency doctor who issued the death certificate, told investigators that “given the age of the person concerned and that he was doing gardening work which required significant effort, the most likely cause of the death was a heart attack “.

In their complaint lodged in Dax in April, the family wanted the body of the deceased, a man presented as “very active” and having “no medical history”, to be exhumed and that an autopsy carried out in order to be able to explain the cause. of his death.


Landes complaint filed family retiree died vaccine closed

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