Alain Delon as a couple: the face of Hiromi, his new companion, unveiled

The big interview with Alain Delon granted to TV5 Monde was broadcast on Thursday, July 1, 2021. The opportunity for the famous actor, who suffered a stroke, to talk about the person who was present at his side for the ‘helping to get up: his partner, Hiromi.

Almost two years after having suffered a stroke, Alain Delon decided to speak on TV5 Monde. Facing the producer and journalist Cyril Viguier, he confided on the fight he led to succeed in recovering from it in an interview entitled Alain Delon facing the world, broadcast Thursday, July 1, 2021. The opportunity for the famous actor to come back to the one who was present by his side throughout his convalescence. Her name is Hiromi and she has been his companion for several years. The 85-year-old actor has also accepted that the whole world discovers the face of his right arm. In the interview, we can therefore see him for the first time very furtively giving a document to his companion, before a photo of the couple is released.

A few days ago, a friend of Alain Delon had assured, in the columns of Here Paris, that the lovers had met on a shoot a few years ago. “For a long time, a simple friendship united them. As time went on, their feelings changed. Hiromi played an indisputable role in Alain’s recovery, but also in his new serenity.”, he had confided. A major support of which the father of the family is well aware. In front of TV5 Monde, he assured that he had been helped by a person during his convelescence and that it was his Japanese companion.

What sequelae did Alain Delon retain from his stroke?

In this interview, the ex of Romy Schneider, also told his after-effects due to his stroke. “At the moment, apart from walking with a cane, I’m doing very well”, he launched while he still has many projects. Indeed, he hopes very quickly to return to play a last film that he already announces to be “exceptional”.

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Alain Delon and Hiromi
During this exchange broadcast on TV5 Monde Thursday, July 1, the actor spoke of his new companion Hiromi

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Alain Delon and Hiromi
The young woman is Japanese


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Alain Delon
She was very supportive of the actor who had a stroke two years ago

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Alain Delon
Alain Delon and Hiromi were friends before falling in love


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Alain Delon
The actor has also said he wants to shoot in a movie again.

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Alain Delon
He also learned that his son Anthony wants to make a documentary on his mother Nathalie


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Alain Delon and Anouchka Delon
One thing is certain, Alain Delon has not said his last word


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Alain Delon
Alain Delon had not appeared publicly since his stroke, so it was an interview event


Alain Delon couple face Hiromi companion unveiled

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