Presidential 2022: this week that kicked off


The week the presidential race started. Illustrative photo of the Elysee Palace.

POLICY – Terminus: Élysée. The last interim Macron five-year elections have passed, so the presidential train can really start. On the left, as on the right, the official contenders, anxious not to get the wrong schedule, all took advantage of seeing the dust of the regional elections fall, to make themselves heard, between officialization of candidacy or new campaign stage.

Thus, the green wagon now has several passengers since the favorites in the internal primary, Yannick Jadot and Eric Piolle ended up declaring themselves, Wednesday, one on TFI, the other by organizing a press conference. At the same time, Jean-Luc Mélenchon launched the second rocket of his presidential project called the “Popular Union”, after “We are for”, when the socialist mayor of Paris continues to lay her mark on the road to spring 2022.

Opposite, The Republicans, too, are organizing. Or rather, measure each other. Xavier Bertrand, strong of his re-election in Hauts-de-France, immediately proposed, Monday, to the other tenors of the right to gather around him to form a “great team”, just before discussing with the president of the Republic at the bend of a trip to Douai, then to pose in a car signed “Elysée.” The race is on.

Glory to Vaugirard (and Saint-Quentin)

It was at 8:03 pm, from Saint-Quentin, in the Aisne, that the serious things started, with a Xavier Bertrand satisfied to have “broken the jaws of the national front” on his territory. A speech and a grandiloquent conclusion later, “Long live Hauts-de-France, Long live the Republic and Long live France”, the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy already started the second on the road for 2022. What does it matter if the French want to “breathe”, according to its own analysis of the record abstention that marked the regional and departmental elections, the right now feels growing wings nine months before the presidential election. And his suitors haven’t waited long to let it be known.


Xavier Bertrand on June 27 in Saint-Quentin

Behind the Baron du Nord, credited with 14% of the voting intentions in a recent Elabe poll, two other former ministers of Nicolas Sarkozy do not hide their desire to “play a role” in the coming months, according to the formula: Laurent Wauquiez reelected in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Aura) with 55.2% of the vote, the best score for a right-wing outgoing, and Valérie Pécresse, who defeated the union of the left behind Julien Bayou in Île-de- France.

Aware of the advantage taken by Xavier Bertrand (the only one to be officially a candidate) in the voting intentions, or in the stakes of dynamics, the two quickly attached themselves to calm his enthusiasm. From Monday, June 28, the boss of the capital region took care to specify, on BFMTV, that “no providential man” emerged in her camp. When his counterpart in Aura replied by asking his colleagues not to cut corners.

But has he been heard, at a time when other ambitions, from the returning François Baroin to the veteran Michel Barnier, continue to hover on the right? According to France Télévisions, Xavier Bertrand would have proposed to Bruno Retailleau, the boss of senators LR and pretending to the possible primary, to join him in his project. So many secret negotiations and exchanges through the press which take place under the eyes of a Christian Jacob who did not hide his smile, Monday, rue de Vaugirard. For now, the leader of the Republicans promises a tie-breaker for the end of September for a choice the following month. But above all, he calls on his troops not to maintain the divisions that have scuttled the right for years. The task will be difficult.

The ecologists start (while Hidalgo is patient)

Julien Bayou, the boss of EELV, must undoubtedly be saying the same thing. With him too, the internal race is on. And it did not take long, two days precisely after the second round of the regional for Eric Piolle to breathe new life into the green primary, which had only Sandrine Rousseau as a competitor until now.

The mayor of Grenoble had planned to declare himself at a press conference on Wednesday June 30 in Paris, but his communication plan, designed in his image as a methodical politician, was bypassed by the local press the day before . From a Parisian bar, he has therefore above all confirmed his desire to build a “humanist arc” to bring him to power, while his entourage already claimed, from AFP, the support of several personalities for this internal election, from David Cormand to Eva Joly, via Esther Benbassa or several top EELV list leaders to the latest regional ones.

Éric Piolle, Wednesday June 30 at


Éric Piolle, Wednesday June 30 in Paris

At Yannick Jadot, too, we will start to do the accounts. The MEP also waited for the dust of the regional elections to settle – quite just – to formalize a candidacy which, like that of Eric Piolle, was hardly in doubt. He invited himself to the great mass of the 20H of TF1, a few hours after the press conference of his main competitor, Wednesday, to announce his desire to “build a French team of ecology”. He will also gather his troops this weekend in the Paris region to put them in working order.

Behind the trio, also made up of the former number two of the Greens, Sandrine Rousseau, the former minister Delphine Batho could also be part of it. But time is running out, according to the calendar of the EELV staff, the polls must take place at the end of September.

There is no question, meanwhile, for the Socialists to remain on the sidelines. Re-motivated by the good score of his outgoing local elections, the boss, Olivier Faure, who did not rule out seeing the rose party fade behind a green candidate in 2022, now wants to impose his troops as a force ” motor ”on the left one year from the deadline. And in this context, Anne Hidalgo continues her reflection for a candidacy or not. The mayor of Paris, who will organize a sort of personal congress in mid-July in Villeurbanne promises to give a decision at the start of the next school year. In the meantime, the support of the municipal councilor PS continue to organize, as shown by the publication, also on Wednesday, of a platform -signed by Martine Aubry, the mayor of Lille and his counterparts from Nantes, Nancy, Montpellier- pushing it to get into the race.

Mélenchon, “the People’s Union” to revive

This form of temperance, Jean-Luc Mélenchon did not fail to mock it during this week. The leader of the rebels for the next presidential election organized a two-hour press conference on Thursday, July 1 to unveil the main lines of his battle plan … and to ironize on the form of emulation on the left and the various candidacies emerging.

“I know that you are very surprised by this situation and that you discover that there will therefore be two candidates, one for Europe-Ecology the Greens and one for the Socialist Party”, he launched to journalists to criticize the previous “gossip” about the union of the different camps, before adding: “What I had planned is happening, eight weeks after making sambas for the union, they are not able to s ‘hear.”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, at his HQ of


Jean-Luc Mélenchon, at his campaign HQ

Credited with 10% of voting intentions in recent polls, the member for Bouches-du-Rhône therefore coincided the end of regional elections – painful for his troops – with the presentation of his new campaign phase. After “We are for”, a platform to collect citizen sponsorships (235,000 Thursday noon), here is the “Popular Union”, materialized by a site,, and a campaign poster. On it, we can see coasts beyond the blue sea bottom. “The promised land. A new world ”, in his words, and a way, above all, of trying to trigger a positive dynamic, after several difficult weeks, of controversy or electoral defeats.

Like Jean-Luc Mélenchon or the various ecologists, several other candidates waited for this post-regional period to openly advance their pawn for next spring. Philippe Poutou was thus appointed Monday, June 28, leader of the NPA (New anti-capitalist party) for the third time in a row. Thursday, it is the lawyer Hélène Thouy for the animalist party (4000 members) who announced to embark on the presidential race, during a press conference, to “raise the animal cause to the rank of the major subjects of which the society must take hold. ”

At the RN, a less peaceful congress than expected for Le Pen

These are added to Fabien Roussel, Nathalie Arthaud, Jean Lassalle, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, François Asselineau, all already candidates (see the slideshow below). Without forgetting Marine Le Pen, the president of the National Gathering which holds a congress Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 July, in Perpignan.

At a time when all ambitions rustle, the leader of the far right appears more in difficulty than expected. His party did not bring back any region or department in the elections last Sunday. Worse, he even lost 30% of his elected officials. The wish of the candidate for the Elysée was however to mesh the country more with representatives like so many “carabiners” to climb the wall until the presidential election of 2022. But it is missed, and that could have consequences for the rest … from this weekend when she will temporarily let go of the presidency of the party to launch a rallying assault on the Elysee?

The week which preceded this great raout will not have been easy. In addition to the resignation of a departmental delegate against a backdrop of internal disagreement, the electoral setbacks have especially fueled questions on the line or even on the leader. The RN must regain its “virility” and “bring to life” its favorite themes such as immigration or insecurity, thus estimated the former president Jean-Marie Le Pen, Wednesday on BFMTV.

MEP Gilbert Collard, for whom “demonization is a trap”, will not come to Perpignan, according to AFP, and suggests “a momentary crisis of confidence” with regard to the president of the National Gathering. To this delicate situation, for Marine Le Pen, are added the inclinations of the polemicist several times condemned for provocation to hatred, Eric Zemmour, who would see himself getting on the train for next spring.

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