Olivier Capitanio takes charge of Val-de-Marne after forty-five years of communist rule

Olivier Capitanio takes charge of Val-de-Marne after forty-five years of communist rule
Olivier Capitanio takes charge of Val-de-Marne after forty-five years of communist rule

It is done ! Thursday 1is July, at 10:50 am, Olivier Capitanio (Les Républicains, LR) was elected to the presidency of the departmental council of Val-de-Marne by 28 votes against 22 to Fatiha Aggoune, president of the group “Val-de-Marne en commun “(PCF and citizens), sole candidate of the left. At the same time, as provided by law, he lost his chair as mayor of Maisons-Alfort. Marie-France Parrain (LR), her partner in the Departmental Assembly and her first assistant, de facto acts as the head of the city while waiting for the elected municipal officials to choose a successor for her.

The election of the new president was made under the gaze of Christian Favier, his communist predecessor, beaten on Sunday June 28 in his canton of Champigny-sur-Marne, his “City of heart”, after having sat since 1994 in this Assembly which he led for twenty years. It was with restrained emotion that he confided, before the opening of the meeting, that he was living “A difficult time”. If he said to himself “Aware of the balance of power in the department since the municipal elections” and you “Real challenge” that this ballot constituted, he however affirmed that he did not imagine that it could “To arrive so quickly, with a certain brutality”.

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Sign of the importance of the event, described as historic by many elected officials and activists of the new majority, which saw the fall of the last communist department of France, the president of the region, Valérie Pécresse, and the president of the metropolis of Greater Paris, Patrick Ollier, had made the trip to Créteil to support, from the platform which dominates the council chamber, the new strong man of the department, in the company of right-wing parliamentarians and centrists.

Calm alternation

The hall of the prefecture-hotel of the department had been fitted out to receive the mayors and the public, approximately 200 people. Those who imagined a passing of the baton in difficulty were at their expense. It is true that if MM. Capitanio and Favier fought each other, their games never went beyond the political framework and the domain of ideas. The two men, beyond their differences, do not hide a certain mutual esteem. “I am more reassured that it is him rather than others”, does not hesitate to say the ex-communist president, who assures to have had “Political debates but not politicians, very worthy” with his successor whom he considers “Very respectful of people” and who, in his inaugural speech, expressed his consideration and reminded him that their fights were never “Personal conflicts”.

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