Carole Delga presidential candidate? “Why not” answers his mentor Martin Malvy

Carole Delga presidential candidate? “Why not” answers his mentor Martin Malvy
Carole Delga presidential candidate? “Why not” answers his mentor Martin Malvy

This Friday, Carole Delga will once again be elected at the head of the Occitanie region. For the occasion Martin Marlvy, his mentor and former president of the Midi-Pyrénées region, was the guest of France Bleu Occtanie this morning.

France Bleu Occitanie: We received Carole Delga on Monday morning on France Bleu, the day after the regional elections, we spoke to her about the choice of colors for her outfits (green). She replied with a smile, “Martin Malvy taught me to leave nothing to chance”. Did you pass that on to Carole Delga, the sense of detail?

Martin Malvy: If she says it, I want to believe it. Me, I discovered at the time in Carole Delga a woman of great quality. She was in the region at the time, she already had regional experience. She seemed to me particularly competent, dynamic. And it’s like I had proposed to her to become the ideal director of my campaign, then vice-president of the region before she became, more than five years ago, president of a region under construction.

Do you consider yourself to be your heiress?

There is no inheritance in politics. On the other hand, there can be a political lineage. Five years ago, undoubtedly, she passed for my heiress, but five years later it was she alone who obtained the result since she was in the lead in the 13 departments of the region.

To what do you attribute this large victory? At work or at a national gathering?

At his work. Carole Delga is a woman of conviction and action. She is courageous and hardworking. She is even particularly hardworking, not a perfectionist, but hardworking. She spends her time working and she knows how to build a project. She knows how to carry it through with a lot of respect for the citizen. She is a woman of the left, convinced.

Some Martin Malvy say she may have had too much pride in refusing to ally with environmentalists and rebels in the second round of regional. Would you have done the same?

No, she didn’t have much pride. She had proposed a single list, with a certain number of environmentalists. She proposed an alliance which was refused. So she went on her way.

Carole Delga says that her future is the Occitanie region. She says she is not thinking about the presidential election. Is she wrong?

I think she is right to say so. On the other hand, it is the future that will tell. She has many qualities and the citizens of this region have come to recognize it. Some spoke of her as a possible candidate one day for the presidency of the Republic. So why not, but today it is the region.


Carole Delga presidential candidate answers mentor Martin Malvy

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