Abandoned: the PS5 application of the reveal spotted on the PS Store

Game news Abandoned: the PS5 application of the reveal spotted on the PS Store

Published on 07/02/2021 7:41 AM

You’ll take some Abandoned for the day, right? While the mysteries about it are still not fully extinguished, the game has just made its way onto PlayStation Store through a PlayStation 5 application. The opportunity to learn a little more (but really, a little).

While we still haven’t really seen anything from Abandoned, the game is arguably one of the most high-profile stories of the year: wrongly accused (a priori) of being the next a new Silent Hill, then of to be Hideo Kojima’s next game, or even to be all of that at the same time, Blue Box Games Studio and its CEO Hasan Kahraman have had to deny the countless rumors about them a lot of times.

And the reveal planned for June 25 would have finally been able to make these rumors make if only the developers had not chosen to delay it at the last moment, adding fuel to the fire. For the little story, they had obviously planned to show their title for the first time through an application on PS5: if it will therefore be necessary to wait until next August, the app in question has however just been upploaded on the PlayStation Store in private.

The opportunity to see, from one, that it was not bullshit and, from two, that it is a compilation … of trailers in real time. A sort of non-playable demo in itself, even with a very light weight of 1.8GB and a small presentation image. Ce listing therefore proves that the application is ready for use, since it is already on the servers of Sony’s digital store.

Unfortunately, it will simply take patience to start the download since without the green light from Sony or a very talented dataminer to retrieve the files upstream, there is not much else to do but wait… and come up with new theories, of course.

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