Surgical masks made in Martinique soon on the market

In the middle of the Gros Morne countryside, Maceo Industry is about to launch a production of high quality surgical masks by the beginning of July. And this is a first in Martinique.

It was during the year 2020, in the midst of the health crisis that the Édouard Ourmiah Group had the idea to align itself with the government policy which tended to relocate industrial production on French territory. The CEO of the group then thinks of manufacturing high quality surgical masks.

And this is how Maceo Industry was born, with an initial investment of one million euros.
A company that should quickly make a name for itself in the Martinican, even Caribbean, landscape.

See the report with images by Marc-François Calmo.

Today the company occupies a 1,200 square meter hangar. It is equipped with equipment capable of producing, at full capacity, up to 22 million “3-layer” or FPP2-type masks.
Its managers ensure that everything is done to stand out from the competition, particularly when acquiring very high quality raw materials and in the product manufacturing process.

The teams at the Gros-Mornaise plant have demanding specifications which should position them at the top of the table against the competition.

A profitable operation from the first year if the plant is running at 35%

With the health crisis, global demand has increased, but there have been many doubts about the quality of products put on the market since the appearance of Covid19. This is why the brand new Gros-Mornaise company first targets the European certification criteria. Which should open many doors for him.

Healthcare professionals in the West Indies and Guyana expect products from Maceo Industry, as do English-speaking countries in the region.
Contacts have already been made with the Dominican Republic, attracted by the proximity of Martinique and by the seriousness required in the European Union zone.

Maceo Industry

Edouard Ourmiah CEO of Maceo Industry (right) and John Machecler (production and development director) hope to be able to produce up to 35% of the plant’s capacity in the first year.


According to forecasts established by management and production teams, the plant should be able to achieve production up to 35% of the site’s capacity in the first year. With this listing, Maceo Industry should be able to deliver nearly 9 million masks to the market. The first bills could be reimbursed quite easily.


Surgical masks Martinique market

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