It would take a miracle – TVA Sports

It would take a miracle – TVA Sports
It would take a miracle – TVA Sports

If the Flames are to make the playoffs, they’ll need a miracle.

With this 4-0 loss to the Jets, the Calgary team has no room for error. If they win their last five games, they would have 57 points, the Montreal Canadiens’ current total. This means that if the Canadiens amass a point, or the Flames drop a very small one, Darryl Sutter’s group will be excluded from the portrait of the playoffs.

For their part, the Jets got their ticket to the playoffs. In the victory, Connor Hellebuyck signed his 23rd career shutout.

See highlights from the other matches in the videos below.

Capitals (4) c. Rangers (2)

Golden Knights (3) c. Wild (2) – Prolongation

Kings (4) c. Coyotes (2)

Stars (2) c. Lightning (6)

Ducks (3) c. Blues (2) – Tirs de barrage

Predators (2) c. Blue Jackets (4)


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