A bear escapes from Planète Sauvage park and shows up at the neighbor

A surprising meeting to say the least… This Thursday morning, a family from Port-Saint-Père (Loire-Atlantique) must have hallucinated while looking out the window, around 8 o’clock. It must be said that in their garden there was a bear, which was walking quietly on the lawn … The animal had in fact just escaped from the Planète Sauvage park, located just on the other side of the fence, indicates the direction of the by that 20 Minutes, confirming information from the journal West France.

The family locked themselves in their home and called the fire department. Warned in the wake, the trainers and a veterinarian came to recover the black bear (also called baribal), which remained very calm. “She was put to sleep using a hypodermic gun and then was put on a stretcher to be brought back to her enclosure,” continues the park, where seven other congeners are housed.

“Carried out with composure”

During the 45 minutes that the operation lasted, “carried out with composure”, a technical security team also went to check the enclosure. “The bear found a place where she was able to pass but everything was secured so that this episode does not happen again”, assures the management of the park.


bear escapes Planète Sauvage park shows neighbor

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