what to remember from our in-between debate

what to remember from our in-between debate
what to remember from our in-between debate

This Thursday evening, the antennas of BFMTV and BFM Lille receive the three candidates competing in the second round of the regional in Hauts-de-France: Karima Delli, Xavier Bertrand and Sébastien Chenu. Confrontations of programs, passes of arms and strong sequences, here is what to remember.

Xavier Bertrand, for the right, Sébastien Chenu for the National Rally and Karima Delli, for the left: there are only three left to be candidates in the second round of regional elections in Hauts-de-France, which will take place on Sunday. This Thursday evening, the three heads of the lists wishing to run for the presidency of the Regional Council of the region were debating on the set of BFMTV and BFM Grand Lille.

With 41.39% of the vote, the outgoing president (ex-LR) Xavier Bertrand secured a comfortable lead in the first round to complete his renewal and legitimize his presidential ambitions. Sébastien Chenu, RN candidate, only garners 24.38% of the vote. The left, for its part, is on track to return to the chamber, with 18.99% of the vote.

· “Do not make this election the presidential primary”

In their opening remarks, the National Rally candidate Sébastien Chenu and the environmental candidate Karima Delli called on voters to counter the ambitions of outgoing President Xavier Bertrand, and to leave room for political alternation.

“For six years, a lot of talk and no results. Next Sunday, do not let anyone decide for you. Do not let the right make this election the presidential primary”, launched the head of the list and environmental MEP, while Xavier Bertrand is also a declared candidate for the 2022 presidential election.

Sébastien Chenu, head of the National Rally list, also called on voters not to be tempted by abstention, and to choose political alternation: “some want to break your jaw, like Mr. Bertrand” , he recalled, with reference to the recent words of the outgoing president of the region. “But show that it is you who have your destiny in your hands. Vote for a good alternation,” said Sébastien Chenu.

Karima Delli prioritizes the fight against violence against women

During the two-round debate, the environmental candidate highlighted her commitment to violence against women in the Hauts-de-France region. Karima Delli thus distinguished herself from her two rivals by highlighting her desire to set up houses to protect women victims of violence:

“You are very talkative about security gentlemen. But I would like us to be mobilized around the security of women. I will be the president who will set up houses protecting these women and their children,” she stressed. .

While the candidates were questioned on issues related to public transport, Karima Delli said he wanted to tackle the violence taking place within them: “I do not want the scenes of aggression to be only filmed, he human presence is needed, and many stations are no longer staffed! “.

· Bertrand excludes “any dialogue” with the leaders of the RN

The outgoing president of the region declared, addressed to Sébastien Chenu, that he excluded “any dialogue” with the leaders of the National Assembly. “I am not going to spend my time discussing with Mr. Chenu. There has never been a dialogue possible, and there never will be as far as I am concerned,” he said.

“Those who take advantage of people’s anger and problems without seeking the slightest solution … I have been fighting them for years,” continued Xavier Bertrand.

· Chenu calls for a “change of philosophy” vis-à-vis large groups

The RN candidate Sébastien Chenu called for “a change of philosophy” in the social field. “If we help with public money we must be demanding, so we need contracts with large groups. They will have to maintain jobs or create them if they want help from the region.”

“We will take charge of the three-month trial period for young unemployed people who want to create an SME or a very small business,” he further suggested.

On this ground, Xavier Bertrand first tried to defend his economic record: “Each year the region allows 70,000 job seekers to have training to return to employment”, he notably illustrated. And to ask: “My job will not be finished until there is a job for everyone”. Then he attacked his rival from the far-right party, saying: “If there is one area where they are particularly incompetent it is the economy, I can tell you. The FN refused to vote to support or create jobs. Their project is a danger for the region and its jobs “. And to add: “you see his smile when he speaks of the misfortune of people, his delight?”. Following which Sébastien Chenu accused him of “despising the national gathering, its elected officials, its voters”.

Karima Delli, she articulated her economic program around voluntarist “big plans”. “I will make a large ecological transition plan, with 100,000 green jobs in sectors that we know, a large thermal renovation plan, and it will be 30,000 direct jobs. We must clean up and therefore launch these trades. I will make it free of charge. ‘set of training courses to become nurses, “she said.

The environmental candidate explained her action plan: “There will be conditions on the social and environmental criteria of the companies that we will help. The, blank checks are over. There will be the creation of a fund. business support: the region will take 25% of contributions from SMEs “.

Candidates debate about wind turbines

In the wake of a critical review by Stéphane Bern on wind turbines, a text often hailed on the right, Xavier Bertrand felt that people “were fed up with being surrounded by wind turbines, that they were not asked for their opinion. . “

“We have decided to finance anti-wind associations to block the projects,” said the outgoing president. But the installation of wind turbines is not the responsibility of the region but of the prefect. “We must recover this skill so that we can say yes or no. We disfigure our landscapes, so our point of view is very clear: it’s no”, reacted the outgoing “, hammered Xavier Bertrand.

Sébastien Chenu is also up against the wind turbines: “I want a referendum for a moratorium on wind power in the region. We can do it, and I believe in local referendums. And we will finance epidemiological studies. I have been told. showed the state of herds located near the wind turbines “. The RN man called the wind a “scam” that did not produce jobs.

Karima Delli is therefore the only one on the set to support the installation of wind turbines. She accused her opponents of the evening of “climate denial”. “I propose an energy mix, therefore with wind but also solar, biomass,” she continued. “76% of French people are in favor of wind power so we have to deal with the mayors and the population,” she said.

Jeanne Bulant BFMTV reporter

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