UFOs: in France, experts deliver their hypotheses

UFOs: in France, experts deliver their hypotheses
UFOs: in France, experts deliver their hypotheses

It is a rising theme, which is rising: the UAPs or unidentified aerospace phenomena. Terms used modestly in France or the United States to designate UFOs, these unidentified flying objects that we sometimes manage to identify in fine and not always as objects. Across the Atlantic, the subject has been taken seriously since the revelation in 2017 of the existence of an advanced aerospace threat identification program (AATIP) and the declassification of several disturbing videos of the army. As the submission to the American Congress of an intelligence report on these phenomena approaches, a French learned society is making its contribution to the debate.

To the members of the Aeronautical and Astronautical Association of France (3AF) from which it came, the Sigma2 technical commission is communicating a long report on Wednesday, the result of eight years of data research and case studies. Among its active members, researchers, engineers, soldiers and astronaut Jean-François Clervoy.

“The objective is to bring a technical and scientific point of view on a certain number of observations”, explains its president Luc Dini, engineer of aeronautical constructions. “I say: point of view. These are not always conclusions. There are a lot of question marks. “

Throughout the 377 pages of this inventory, to which we have had access, Sigma2 is thus advancing with caution. The commission only exposes certainties for the few observations for which sufficient data are available. As in its analysis of the “Cougar case”, for which it was seized by a committee dependent on the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) of Chile. On November 11, 2014, a Chilean Navy Cougar helicopter observed a PAN. “They were highly qualified professionals with many years of experience, and they were absolutely certain that they could not explain what they were seeing”, later affirmed a member of the committee of the DGAC, questioned by the Huffington Post. But after analyzing the radar and infrared data, Sigma2 concludes that it is an Airbus A340 …

Lightning acceleration and course changes

In many examples, conversely, the question remains open. Sigma2 sketches the tracks, observes the similarities between the cases and compares them with known phenomena. Witnesses mistook natural storm-related events, such as ball lightning, for UFOs? Some stories could approach it. The report focuses on plasma balls, this phase of matter made up of charged particles and of which ball lightning would be a special case. Because the observations sometimes relate only to light and colored sources, not to vehicles.

But, insists the report, these plasmas, natural or artificial, could not explain the lightning accelerations, the reversals or the sudden changes of trajectory often described by the witnesses of UFOs. The fastest known machines would not necessarily make good candidates. Sigma2 directs its conclusions “towards artificial plasmas which would be provoked by hypervelocity and hypermaneuvering devices, outside known limits, in any case free from the laws of inertia”. However, the commission does not venture to point out the responsibility of a State or to suggest an exotic origin …

The report devotes a chapter to a scientific discipline called magnetohydrodynamics or MHD. “MHD is the emission of an electromagnetic field which, when an object is in motion, will create ionization of the gas. [NDLR : charger l’air environnant] which is brought to high temperature. This temperature and this energy level are doped by the electromagnetic field and can create different effects, namely the attenuation of the effects of drag [NDLR : liés aux frottements avec l’air ou l’eau], it is the search for the aerodynamic effect, ie the modification of the radar signature, it is stealth, ”explains Luc Dini. “MHD in a dense environment like water, it can work very well. In a much less dense environment like the atmosphere, it would take a lot more energy on board for it to work, in terms of propulsion ”, specifies Pierre Bescond, 2nd class general engineer in armaments and co-author. As an experimental discipline, MHD does not provide a ready-made solution to the problem.

Scientists called to take up the subject

Sigma2 notes, in all cases, that recurring findings could be explained by electromagnetic emissions, whether it is the absence of noise often mentioned, interference with electronic equipment, memory loss in some witnesses, the aging of the vegetation on the site … “The hypotheses on the causes remain open and we must be careful in view of the small number of samples available”, warn the authors. “Progress will come from the collection and sharing of data as well as the interest of scientists to tackle the study of these phenomena by confronting them with laws and theories under study,” the report concludes. “The problem for scientists is that many observations cannot be replicated in the laboratory”, notes Pierre Bescond.

“Some of the answers can be found in data from the past,” Judge Luc Dini. He mentions the case of the RB-47, a US Air Force aircraft which, in July 1957, was followed for 1300 km by a “great bright light” which emitted waves in the radio field. “The object was observed visually by the crew, detected by ground radars, by the RB-47 radar and by sophisticated electronic warfare equipment which were on board the aircraft,” said the report. A “very interesting” case, because it is well documented, but it does not say anything about the nature of this meeting, for lack of detailed data.

Luc Dini agrees that “it is quite normal for the American Defense to protect information linked to its operational systems”, in particular its current detection capabilities. But the engineer points out that, in these old cases, “the technology and equipment have been obsolete for a long time”: “Do they have the records somewhere that precisely describe the signals that were recorded? What prevents black and white information about the signal and its analysis? »

Sigma2 expects a lot from the UAP Task Force, the Pentagon office in charge of the US report on the NAPs, which has raised high expectations and could be published on Friday. “Are they going to share their data? Are they going to say: give us all your data, we will make good use of it ? »Asks Luc Dini. “There are a number of options. »Those interested in the Sigma2 report, currently reserved for members and members, are invited to get closer to the 3AF association. A summary of about twenty pages was put online at the end of May.

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