Île-de-France will reduce the sails by a quarter during the summer

Île-de-France will reduce the sails by a quarter during the summer
Île-de-France will reduce the sails by a quarter during the summer

The number of vaccination centers will decrease to adapt to summer demand, but special operations will make it possible to maintain a sufficient supply of vaccination.

Nearly a quarter of the vaccination centers in Île-de-France will close in July and August, we learned on Tuesday from the regional health agency (ARS), which nevertheless ensures that all the centers in the Seine -St Denis “should stay open“And plans to multiply”special operations».

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Guarantee a sufficient supply

With the approach of the big departures on vacation, all the ARS have been instructed to prepare their “Business Continuity PlanIn terms of screening and vaccination against Covid-19. An exercise carried out with the mayors and prefects, to both anticipate summer demand and guarantee a sufficient supply, taking into account the leaves of caregivers and the desire of certain elected officials to recover the premises made available. Race results: in Île-de-France, between July 5 and August 29, “the vaccine supply should be maintained at 82% of the injection capacity and 77% of the number of centers».

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A specific adjustment for each department

The adjustment will not be the same in all Ile-de-France departments. So, “in Seine-Saint-Denis 100% of centers should remain open during the summer», The proportion decreasing in Val-de-Marne and Val-d’Oise (85%), in Seine-et-Marne (74%), in Essonne (73%), in Paris (70% ), in Hauts-de-Seine (62%) and finally in Yvelines (42%). At the same time, the “to go to“Will continue with”special operations“Targeting”busy spaces“Like the Canopée des Halles in the heart of the capital, but also”special populations“(Students, pregnant women, delivery drivers), or”precarious public”(Migrant workers, slums). The same goes for screening, with “specific actions“Planned”on motorway rest areas“And the use of 315,000 self-tests in”risk sectors»Such as hotels, campsites or leisure centers.


ÎledeFrance reduce sails quarter summer

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