Gilles Simeoni goes alone in the second round

Gilles Simeoni goes alone in the second round
Gilles Simeoni goes alone in the second round

While the “Avanzemu” and “Corsica Libera” lists are still under discussion, “Fà populu inseme”, led by Gilles Simeoni, will file its list, identical to that of the first round, in the late afternoon, this Tuesday, June 22 .

Gilles Simeoni, Jean-Christophe Angelini, and Jean-Guy Talamoni, will not leave together in the second round of the territorial elections.

If the outcome of the discussions between “Avanzemu” and “Corsica Libera”, led by Jean-Christophe Angelini and Jean-Guy Talamoni, respectively, continues, the “Fà populu inseme” list indicated that it would file a list identical to that of the first round, this Tuesday in the late afternoon in the prefecture of Ajaccio.

According to our information, if an agreement is reached between “Avanzemu” and “Corsica Libera”, the outgoing President of the Corsican Assembly would not occupy an eligible seat.

The call for the union of nationalists

The day before, the mayor of Porto-Vecchio called on all nationalist forces to gather in Corte to discuss a possible alliance. Only “Corsica Libera” responded present.

If no representative of Gilles Simeoni’s move made the move, “Fà populu inseme” gathered in Lucciana at the same time. In a statement issued in the evening, the outgoing executive board chairman’s list already mentioned a possible departure without a union and called for his score to be boosted.

According to her, six points had to be respected to validate a merger. They notably understood “transparent and democratic governance” and an “distribution of responsibilities including within the executive board“. “These different points have not been validated to date by the various potential partners of ‘Make people together’. It therefore seems difficult that these essential questions, which could not be the subject of an agreement despite several weeks of discussions, can be ratified in a few hours.“, the document states.

Paul-Félix Benedetti, head of the “Core in Fronte” list, for his part, directly declined Jean-Christophe Angelini’s offer. With 8.39% of the votes cast in his name in the first round, the independentist bet on a political agreement in the third round. He submitted his list to the prefecture this Tuesday at the beginning of the afternoon.

As a reminder, at the end of the first round, the three former partners of the Pè a Corsica coalition accumulated 49.31% of the votes. In detail: “Fa populu inseme” 29.19%; “Avanzemu”, 13.22% and Corsica Libera 6.90%.

The deadline for submitting lists is 6 p.m. on Tuesday.


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