Planet Zoo trailer: Africa comes into the game of animal management

After a short tour of the depths of the sea and then of Southeast Asia, it is on the arid regions of the African continent that the game of Frontier Developments takes us. On the program: new animals, original pieces of scenery and a new scenario.

It was announced just a week ago: today Africa arrives in Planet Zoo. Indeed, a new pack dedicated to the African continent is now available. This “Africa Pack” will allow players to take care of five new breeds of animals: the sociable meerkat, the Fennec fox, the African penguin, the southern white rhino and the sacred beetle. A new timed scenario will also make its entrance, inviting you to transform a bazaar lost in the depths of an oasis into a jewel of the desert, popular with tourists. But the task is far from obvious. Between the heat and capricious electric generators, you will have to think about sustainable solutions so that your animal park can run smoothly. And who says new pack, naturally says new cosmetic elements, with no less than 180 unique decorative elements.

Like all the others, this new pack will be available to players wishing to drop a few euros to get embarked for the African continent. If it is cheaper than a plane ticket, it will still be necessary discard € 9.99 to animate your park of African wonders thanks to the “Africa Pack”, available today.

As a reminder, Planet Zoo is available on PC only.

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Planet Zoo trailer Africa game animal management

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