how voters voted in your municipality

how voters voted in your municipality
how voters voted in your municipality

Sunday, June 20 took place the first round of regional and departmental elections in Hauts-de-France. Find out which trend followed your municipality, and what score each candidate made near you.

The results of the first round of regional and departmental elections fell on the evening of Sunday, June 20. How did we vote in your region, your department or your municipality? Access the details of the results of the first round below. The colors represent the leading candidate by canton.

The right in the lead in the regional election

In Hauts-de-France, outgoing president Xavier Bertrand (LR / UDI) led the first round of regional with 41.89% ahead of RN candidate Sébastien Chenu with 24.75% of the vote. The right-wing candidate came out on top in all the Hauts-de-France departments.

A similar scheme for the departmental

For the first round of the departmental 2021 in Hauts-de-France, the results are more or less the same as the regional ones: the right is on the rise while Marine Le Pen’s party is retreating and the left is gaining a little ground .

In the Picardy departments, the highest score of the right is 39.47% in the Aisne.

The highest RN scores are found in Aisne and Oise with 31.25% in both departments.

On the Somme side, same rise of the right with 38.81%. The RN falls with 22.91%. The left comes in second with 34.05%.

In the North, the right is still in the lead with more than 35% of the vote. The National Rally fell back quite clearly since it lost more than 7 points (24%).

While in Pas-de-Calais, the various lists of lefts (US, UG, DVG, ECO) collect 40% of the votes. Behind, the RN lists bring together 29% of voters, 6% less than 6 years ago. A clear decline for the party of Marine Le Pen.

An exploding abstention rate

Not surprisingly, the turnout is down for these elections. For the regions, the abstention rate is 67.16% this year against 50.09% in 2015.

For the departmental, again abstention explodes. In Hauts-de-France, Northerners were the least likely to travel with 69.61% abstention. In 2015, 53.19% of them had shunned the ballot box.

At the cantonal level, the highest abstention rate comes from Amiens1 with 78.52% of those registered who did not come, i.e. almost 4 out of 5 voters, a record.


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