4,600 employees tested to track down the Delta variant

After the discovery of a Delta-category Covid 19 case on an Airbus Denfse & Space employee in Toulouse, a massive screening campaign has been underway since yesterday afternoon on the Palays site south of Toulouse. In total, 4,600 employees will be encouraged to be tested by two means: rapid serological tests (TROD) or antigenic tests (TAG). The regional health agency (ARS) oversees the operation on the three Airbus Defense & Space sites: at Palays and on two annexes near the Canal du Midi near Ramonville.

The goal is to quickly test this population in order to break a possible chain of contamination. A month ago, between May 19 and 23, three employees, one patient zero and two of his colleagues, contact cases, were tested positive, isolated and treated. They have already returned to their workstations. It was as part of a flash operation carried out by Santé Publique France on June 8 that the Delta variant was formally identified a few days later, on June 19. “This is indeed the Indian variant but we have not, for the moment, detected any case of infection additional to the first three infected people. Patient zero would have been contaminated in the private family sphere” specifies the same source. .

In situ subcontractors could also be called upon to undergo these tests.


employees tested track Delta variant

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