Profiles, dates, times, analysis: The Tour de France 2021 route under the microscope

Profiles, dates, times, analysis: The Tour de France 2021 route under the microscope
Profiles, dates, times, analysis: The Tour de France 2021 route under the microscope


Date: Saturday June 26
Departure: Brest
Arrival: Landerneau
Distance : 197,8 km
Departure time: 12:30 p.m.
Type: Vallon

For the first time in ten years and the start of Vendée in 2011, the puncheurs will be honored at the start and should compete for the first yellow jersey of this Tour. Very hilly, this first act will multiply the small Breton coasts without any respite in the last sixty kilometers and it will be necessary to beware of possible breaks. But victory should come down to the final ascent of the Fosse aux Loups hill, on the heights of Landerneau. A two-stage climb, steep at the foot (1km at 8.5%) before offering an almost flat last kilometer, undoubtedly much too hard for the sprinters.

Tour de France

The profile of the 9th stage: First “Hors category” then reaching the top, it will hurt


The profile of the 1st stage: An aperitif for punchers


Date: Sunday June 27
Departure: Perros-Guire
Arrival: Mûr-de-Bretagne
Distance : 183,5 km
Departure time: 1:20 p.m.
Type: Vallon

We take the same and start again. After a first act in Landerneau, the puncheurs will have a new playing field which will be favorable towards Mûr-de-Bretagne. Discovered in 2011, the Breton climb of 2 km at 6.9% is becoming a classic on the Tour de France and will, as in 2018, be crossed twice. Except that the riders will tackle the second ascent without the usual descent and after a 90 ° turn. What still favors the punchers a little more.

The profile of the 2nd stage: Double dose of Mûr-de-Bretagne


Date: Monday June 28
Departure: Lorient
Arrival: Pontivy
Distance : 183 km
Departure time: 1:20 p.m.
Type: Plain

This time, the sprinters will finally be able to explain themselves. If the punchers and Valverde will remember the good memories of the 2018 Tour passing through Plumelec and the coast of Cadoudal, where the Spaniard won the 1st stage to take the yellow jersey, the sprinter teams should have no trouble controlling for offer us the first massive arrival of this 2021 Tour. However, it will be necessary to be placed in Pontivy, with a road not so wide as that in the final.

The profile of the 3rd stage: First opportunity for the sprinters


Date: Tuesday, June 29
Departure: Redon
Arrival: Ferns
Distance : 150,4 km
Departure time: 13:40
Type: Plain

New revenge from the day before, this time for the sprinters with a very flat stage devoid of any difficulty. But despite everything, it will be necessary to be attentive to play the victory in Fougères, at the end of an incessant toboggan. The bumps will certainly be fairly uncomplicated, but they will stretch the peloton before a last kilometer on an uphill slope (4% over the last 200 meters). You shouldn’t start your sprint too far.

The profile of the 4th stage: New sprint on the horizon?


Date: Wednesday June 27
Departure: Changed
Arrival: Laval-Espace Mayenne
Distance : 27,2 km
Start time: 12:15 p.m. (first runner)
Type: Individual Time Trial

This is the first highlight of this 2021 Tour. Seeing such a long time trial in the first week has not happened since 2012 but this Mayan time is much shorter. With 27.2 kilometers on the program, it should nevertheless create the first gaps between the favorites. The first part is rather hilly, with three small bumps of 600-800m at 5-6% where it will not be necessary to give too much to keep for the second part, more rolling before a final on a false flat uphill in Laval. Despite everything, the big rollers had to be advantaged.

The profile of the 5th stage: 27km of chrono for a first big meeting


Date: Thursday July 1
Departure: Tours
Arrival: Châteauroux
Distance : 160,6 km
Departure time: 2:05 p.m.
Type: Plain

A very flat stage but not a stage without risks. After a first “tourist” part with a passage in front of the Château de Chenonceaux and the Beauval Zoo, runners should beware of the last forty kilometers, in the plains of the Indre. From Valençay, and even more from Levroux 24km from the finish, the peloton will evolve on very exposed roads where it would not be surprising to see the wind blowing hard. The borders will be expected on the side of the favorites but some could be trapped, like what happened in Lavaur last year. The victory will not escape the sprinters.

The profile of the 6th stage: It’s short, it’s flat, but beware of the wind


Date: Friday July 2
Departure: Vierzon
Arrival: Le Creusot
Distance : 249 km
Departure time: 11:15 a.m.
Type: Vallon

It is one of the most intriguing stages of this 2021 Tour and very clearly the longest, with a distance more seen on the Grande Boucle for 21 years! And the difficult final promises to be a spectacle with the sequence in particular of the Côte de la Croix de Liberation (4.6km at 5.3%) and the Signal d’Uchon. Located 18km from the finish, the latter should serve as a launching base for punchers with its 5.7km at 5.7% and a final ramp of 1.6km at 11.3%! He will remain behind a final ascent before joining Le Creusot where a puncher should win. Unless the peloton lets slip the breakaway? On the eve of the mountain, this would not be surprising.

The profile of the 7th stage: With 249 km, this is the longest stage for 21 years

Tour de France

The profile of the 8th stage: The Alps through the big gate


Tour de France

Too far from his best level, Aru will not be on the Grande Boucle


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