Macron-Le Pen: “The end of the duel”

Macron-Le Pen: “The end of the duel”
Macron-Le Pen: “The end of the duel”

The editorial of the Figaro, by Vincent Trémolet de Villers.

Hangover, bad faith: Lilliputian at the ballot box, the presidential majority continues to think of itself as Gulliver. Better still, she accompanies each of her interventions with a superior je-ne-sais-quoi that is supposed to exonerate her from all responsibility. Abstention? It must be attributed to the health crisis as much as to opposition, which, unlike Stanislas Guerini, Marlène Schiappa or Christophe Castaner, have not been able to make civic conversation attractive. The very bad score of LREM? An anecdote. The boastful ministers who come back in rags? An epiphenomenon. The right-left divide which, after the municipal elections, continues to structure the elections? An optical illusion. The spectacular decline of the RN, presented for four years by Emmanuel Macron’s camp as the only opposition force? A success for the president who made this fight the source of his political commitment.

Presidential surreality is childishly simple: local defeats do not prevent

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