After 8 months of restrictions, the curfew is over!

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6 pm, 7 pm, 9 pm, 11 pm and then nothing, since last night, the curfew is no longer, and this newfound freedom is good for everyone.

At 11 p.m. Sunday to Monday night, the curfew that had been running since October 17, 2020 ended. After 8 months of travel restrictions, nightly round trips are finally free. News, awaited by all, almost more symbolic than anything else as the streets, at least in Agen, were empty in the dark of the night.

“We will not do anything more, but at least we will no longer spend our time looking at our watches …” comments a user on our Facebook page.

A finding shared by many readers for whom curfew or not, after 11 pm, the evening ends at home. The only difference is that now no one is forcing them! “Take advantage of one’s freedom; parole is over! », Launches Brand Onn.

But for a certain number of our readers, the end of the curfew rhymes with the return of good times, at the restaurant, at the bar, or soon in a nightclub (from July 9). Even if meals and drinks in town were again possible from May 19th. Today, everyone will “be able to eat without hurrying”, as Avleton Beat emphasizes on Facebook. A lightness of mind that changes everything for customers, but also for professionals …

In town the free spirit

“People are going to start hanging out again, reservations are finished at 6.30 pm”, rejoices Nelly Rajaonarivelo, the co-manager of the restaurant “La Table des Cornières” in Agen. For his establishment, the turnover past 23 hours is minimal, on the other hand, the customers attested, they were eager not to be taken by the time any more. A little further under the Cornières, Raphaël Chevry is eager to see customers after 11pm return home, to the “Place Bar”.

“Traditionally, this is the time when we pick up all the people who come for a drink or two after their meal at the restaurant, it represents a large clientele,” he says.

And then there are also all those who intend to catch up with the delay accumulated during these 8 months of restrictions… Like Bruno Garcia who hears “Celebrate”, or François Llanos who simply comments “beer”!

A rediscovered freedom

In this context, the manager of the “Place bar” strongly recommends reserving your place, especially since the establishment is resuming its classic opening days, namely, from Thursday to Saturday. “Before, when there was still the curfew, we opened all week, to compensate, but now we resume our bar activity, and Monday and Tuesday evening, it’s dead …”, he explains . Little by little, life resumes its course everywhere, for all, “relieved to resume a normal life”, as Raphaël Chevry sums it up.

Also at the “Montreurs d’Images” cinema, strolling once again allowed is a pleasure and foreshadows beautiful summer evenings. “We will be able to plan our outdoor screenings with serenity,” explains Thierry Salvalaio, director of arthouse cinema. “You have to launch the film at nightfall, so it ends after 11 pm…”, he adds. The first screening will take place on July 5, and the film concerts will also resume on the cinema terrace. “Finally we do what we want! », Concludes the director.

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