Altcoins (XRP, ETH, ADA, UNI, LTC …) see red

Altcoins (XRP, ETH, ADA, UNI, LTC …) see red
Altcoins (XRP, ETH, ADA, UNI, LTC …) see red

Over the past 24 hours, the capitalization of cryptocurrencies has fallen 6.73% to $ 1,380 billion. The price of major altcoins is falling sharply.

Another week of sharp decline for cryptocurrencies. June 20 accentuated the decline in the value of the market’s main crypto-assets with a 6.73% decline according to CoinMarketCap, in the wake of Bitcoin (-7.35%).

Over 7 days, the fall is even stronger for altcoins. For example, Ether has fallen a little over 20% over the period to 2011 dollars. However, with the expiration of options on ETH on June 25, this price could decline further.

-15% to -20% for altcoins

Ether is no exception, however. Indeed, among the Top 10, only stablecoins resist. This is also the principle of these private cryptocurrencies. For others, the price plunge fluctuates between -15 and 20%.

Fourth cryptocurrency in the ranking, Binance Coin (BNB) has recorded -14.46% in the last 7 days. For Cardano, it’s -16.2% to $ 1.32. For the DOGE, the trend is even more brutal.

Dogecoin drops nearly 10% 24-hour and 22.35% 7-day at $ 0.25. And one analyst, based on a graphical analysis of the token price, estimates that the DOGE could lose another 67%.

XRP, whose trial could last until 2022, also continues its ebb at -21% and $ 0.69. After the crypto crash, however, XRP seemed to be entering a positive correction. The price of XRP went back above $ 1.

AMP, XDC, QNT and SHIB resist

However, the value of Ripple’s token is showing high volatility since already in April, it was back on the dollar mark. However, that $ 0.69 price tag remains higher than it was before his run-in with the SEC.

In the DeFi sector, marked by a deep slowdown in trading, native tokens for major protocols are also suffering. Uniswap, the first of them, sees UNI drop more than 21% to $ 18.38.

Aave follows the same trend at -24.10% or 240 dollars. However, the crypto loan protocol had a good month of May thanks to its version 2. Polygon (MATIC), an L2 solution for Ethereum and DeFi, resists better at -11.43%.

In this context, some cryptocurrencies continue to show growth over 7 days. This is the case for AMP (+ 18.69%), XDC (24.32%), Quant (QNT) at + 14% or Shiba Inu (SHIB) at 6.50%, or Waves at +8 , 72%.

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