Regional in Occitania. Carole Delga (PS) confirms that there is no merger with Antoine Maurice (EELV)

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Published on 21 June 21 at 17:29
updated on June 21 21 at 17:46

Carole Delga, outgoing president (PS) and head of the L’Occitanie en Commun list, Monday June 21, 2021 in Toulouse (© GL / News Toulouse)

“We have not found a favorable outcome to our negotiations,” confirmed Carole Delga, head of the L’Occitanie en commun list, Monday 21 June 2021, in the middle of the afternoon, the day after the first round of the Regionals where she arrived well in advance. With 39.57%, the outgoing president (PS) will therefore do without Europe ecology the Greens in the second round: “It is final, it was necessary at the latest that the agreement be made at noon”.

“We did not come to an agreement”

“We proposed to Antoine Maurice’s list to work on a joint project. We have not found a favorable outcome, ”she detailed, while the environmental candidate has not crossed the threshold of 10% which would have allowed him to remain (8.84%).

“We did not agree, neither on the number of regional advisers they wanted, nor on the functioning of the majority. They wanted to have more regional advisers than what we proposed, we had proposed eight places and one. vice-presidency. They were asking for 18 at the start “.

Carole DelgaPresident (PS) of the Occitanie Region

“I am in the ecology of doing”, argues Carole Delga

“We cannot be in discussions and the palaver eternally “, again defended the outgoing president, surrounded in particular by her vice-president (ex-EELV) Agnès Langevine, while pressing the green line of her campaign: “I am in the ecology of doing, in the fight against inequalities ”.

Carole Delga however was careful not to return to the “old moons” of the Municipal 2020 and the psychodrama of the between-two-rounds of the left in Toulouse, recalling that the context was “not the same”. She also sketched: “I will not fall into the caricature of fundamentalist environmentalists, or contemptuous remarks on the green dwarfs ”, alluding to Aurélien Pradié, the Republican candidate, who had qualified them as such.

Carole Delga and some of her running mate, representing various political formations, Monday, June 21, 2021 in Toulouse
Carole Delga and some of her running mate, representing various political formations, Monday, June 21, 2021 in Toulouse

No discussions with Vincent Terrail-Novès

She also indicated that she had “not discussed with Vincent Terrail-Novès”, the candidate supported by the presidential majority (8.78% in the first round), but did not fail to point out that the interested had no voting instructions … Then she lamented that he did not call to vote against the candidate RN: “It is when we judge the great men that the little men are judged”.

Go look for non-voters

While alone 37.24% of voters took the way to the polling stations in the first round in Occitania, the president especially indicated her desire to “amplify the movement” in this home stretch, in particular by mobilizing her teams through “the presence on the markets”.

Regional elections 2021

She finally recalled that she embodied the only outgoing list to have “increased her number of votes” between 2015 and 2021 in France: despite an abysmal abstention, she has indeed garnered nearly 100,000 additional votes (96,000, to be precise) between the two ballots. What to do without environmentalists?

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