No agreement between the outgoing socialist president and the Greens before the second round

It’s a big surprise the day after the regional elections in New Aquitaine. While the alliance between outgoing socialist president Alain Rousset (who won 28.84% of the vote in the first round) and Nicolas Thierry, EELV candidate (12.08% of the vote), vice-president for the environment under the he former term of office, seemed a formality, any possibility of an alliance is ruled out on Monday.

Nicolas Thierry deplores the “passage in force and authoritarianism” of Alain Rousset who, according to environmentalists “was unacceptable brutality in refusing all the programmatic measures that we carried”. “We refuse that the next mandate does not boil down to an ecological sprinkling”, reports to 20 Minutes Michaël Luze, communication manager for the EELV candidate.

The commitments of the outgoing president would not make it possible to carry “enough ambition for the ecological transition. it remains in an outdated logic and wants to govern alone, ”he specifies. Considering that Alain Rousset paid little heed to ecology, the vice-president decided to present himself ten months ago. According to Michaël Luze, “no precise commitment on the release of pesticides, LGV or basins”, could not be obtained from the outgoing president, during the discussions between two rounds.

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No LR-LREM agreement

The negotiations concerning the number of seats would also have been difficult, the Greens claiming to have doubled their score (compared to the regional ones of 2015), they would not have accepted an arrangement in which they returned 40% of the seats. If Rousset seemed doomed to enter into an alliance, with an RN on the heels, the results of the first round (18.21% for the RN) left him more leeway. “It is playable that it increases its score by 5 to 6 points for the second round,” observes Jean Petaux, a political scientist from Bordeaux. But it’s a bit of a risky game I think ”.

The list of the environmental candidate will therefore be maintained in the second round. And on the right, there will be no alliance either, since Florian has closed the door to both Geneviève Darrieussecq (Modem-LREM) and Eddie Puyjalon (Mouvement de la ruralité et resistons avec Jean Lassalle). “We are going towards a pentagular, and it is quite rare, there was one in Brittany in 2015”, comments the political scientist.


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