LREM rout to the regional: Emmanuel Macron, as if nothing had happened

LREM rout to the regional: Emmanuel Macron, as if nothing had happened
LREM rout to the regional: Emmanuel Macron, as if nothing had happened

A meeting on nightclubs in the morning, the Music Festival at the Elysée in the evening with Jean-Michel Jarre. All interspersed with a private visit… from Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Those who doubted that Emmanuel Macron did indeed intend to step over the first round of the regional, disastrous for the majority, had the ostensible confirmation this Monday, June 21, seeing the president’s day. The air of nothing, as if his troops had not known rout the day before … Had he not warned last week that he would draw “no national conclusion” from the results of the regional?

“This line is purely untenable. To say that he will not learn the slightest lesson for our majority, as for the country given the state of abstention, would be to give the feeling that he did not understand the double warning of the French on Sunday ”, s’ worries a minister of first rank after this election night considered “catastrophic”. A bell widely shared Monday on all floors of Macronie.

Towards a dissolution of LREM and a reshuffle?

Behind the scenes, words weren’t harsh enough to criticize the strategy adopted during this campaign. Especially in Hauts-de-France and Paca, where the Elysee and Matignon are active to weaken the candidates of the right … at the risk of playing the sorcerer’s apprentice with the RN. With the result that we know. “The two regions where the hand of God has fallen, the presidential majority is out of the game”, loses an elected official, who quipped on “the great strategists at the top of the State”. Particularly in the line of sight, the deputy Thierry Solère, also political adviser of Macron and main architect of this risky plan. “Solère, it’s Dede confused!” Ducks a minister.

Around the president, however, we reject the too hasty conclusions. “Let’s wait for the result of the second round,” slips a relative, who also swears that he does not intend to remain unmoved in the face of the problem of abstention. “You should never be deaf when the silence is so high, even for local elections”, we slip, not excluding Emmanuel Macron to react soon on the subject.

Ten months before the presidential election, he will not be able to avoid focusing on his party, LREM, once again referred to its so low political weight. “There are 10% of Walkers who are active. It’s not an empty shell, it’s a dormant network! »Deplores a faithful of the Head of State. From there to think that the hours of the movement are numbered and the knives drawn against its leader, Stanislas Guerini?

Sunday evening, the executive office, which promised to be tense, did not however turn into the rat race. “It was speckled foil,” commented one participant. One thing is certain, the idea of ​​creating a new political formation, under the banner of “the common house” has never been so topical. “We will try to dissolve LREM into a larger entity. We must talk about the presidential movement and not En Marche, ”said a deputy.

A site that could be preceded by another, that of the reshuffle. Even without seeming to touch it … “There may be summer adjustments, but more related to the footprint of ministers than their results,” says a minister. And what about Prime Minister Jean Castex? Since Sunday, many deplore his silence in this sequence. Just a tweet, Monday morning, to launch a “solemn appeal” against abstention. In short, so many indications that prove that it will be difficult for Emmanuel Macron to continue as if nothing had happened after this violent warning shot. It is only necessary to listen to this minister quote Lacan: “The real is when one bumps into one another. “


LREM rout regional Emmanuel Macron happened

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