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Badly embarked after its two initial defeats, Denmark achieved a real feat by qualifying for the round of 16 of the Euro following its victory against Russia (4-1) on Monday while also benefiting from the success of Belgium against Finland (2-0).

The Danes have come a long way!

Christian Eriksen can be proud of his teammates! Victim of a heart attack during the first match and forfeit the Euro, the attacking midfielder assisted Denmark’s qualification for the round of 16 of the competition following the victory against Russia (4-1) on Monday in front of a stadium of Copenhagen in madness!

Kasper Hjulmand’s men can also thank Belgium, which beat Finland 2-0 to allow them to finish 2nd in Group B. They are ahead of the Finns and Russians by the goal difference.

Disappointing Danes …

Forced to win, the Scandinavians quickly took control of the ball, but they were moving in the duels and struggled to build real movements. And Golovin took the opportunity to light the first match, but the Mongasque fired on Schmeichel after setting fire to the Danish defense! In this game chopped by faults, the whistle blows of the French Clment Turpin multiplied and this physiognomy suited the men of Stanislav Tchertchessov who gave the impression of controlling the tempo of this match.

Damsgaard’s personal achievement

Uninspired against a Russian block that left little space, the Danes recovered from a distant strike from Hjbjerg which grazed the frame. While they abused long balls, the Scandinavians were however well country by opening the scoring before the break on a personal exploit of Damsgaard, transparent until then but author of a superb shot wound (0-1, 38th).

Armed with this goal and especially the change of system with the repositioning of Christensen in front of the defense, the premises showed a much more attractive face when they returned from the locker room and the pressure was growing in the Russian camp. Especially since the Danes then took advantage of a gift with Zobnin’s receding pass misses which offered the goal of the break Poulsen (0-2, 59th).

Christensen frees a whole people!

Dzyuba cooled the atmosphere by reducing the score from the penalty spot (1-2, 70th), but Belgium warmed it up from a distance by opening the scoring against Finland. From then on, the Scandinavians had only to score a goal to validate their ticket and they imposed an untenable pressure which led to the liberating missile of Christensen following a balloon which was dragging (1-3, 79th). The stadium was capsizing! On the other hand, Maehle then definitively put his family away (1-4, 82nd). Returning from nowhere, Denmark holds its ticket!

The score of the match: 6/10

A two-part match. More committed than spectacular, the first period turned out to be very firm despite the jewel of Damsgaard. But the awakening of the Danes after returning from the locker room resulted in a pleasant second act that we can summarize an attack-defense with the Scandinavians assaulting the Russian goal and who will have achieved their ends in a crazy atmosphere!

The goals :

– Served by Hjbjerg to 20 meters, Damsgaard controls by turning around and eliminates Dzhikiya with a hook before unchecking a marvel of strike in dead leaf of the right which falls under the bar and leaves no chance Safonov (0-1, 38 ‘) .

– Following a bad information gathering, Zobnin wants to give Safonov back but in fact offers the Poulsen ball which scores in the empty goal (0-2, 59th).

– Vestergaard catches Sobolev in the box and concedes a logical penalty that Dzyuba transforms into strength (1-2, 70 ‘).

– After a double stop by Safonov, the ball goes out of the surface and reaches Christensen who releases a missile from 20 meters which pierces a fort of players to beat the Russian doorman (1-3, 79th).

– On a counter-smoothly, Hjbjerg puts Maehle in orbit. The left lateral transplanted in the axis and defeated Safonov with a cross strike (1-4, 82nd).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the Match: Andreas Christensen (8/10)

The hero of the qualification! With a missile, the central defender of Chelsea scored the goal of 3-1 and allowed his people to climb to the round of 16. This achievement rewards the second very successful period of Blue, who posted a very large volume of play following his repositioning in defensive midfielder at half-time with also raises which changed the game of his team.


Matvei Safonov (5): little used for a long time, the Russian goalkeeper made three important saves at the height of the opposing domination in the second period, but that was not enough… Difficult to overwhelm him on the goals conceded.

Igor Diveev (5.5): the best Russian defender tonight by far. The CSKA Moscow player sealed the gaps left by his teammates and allowed the defense to hold the shock for an hour before completely exploding.

Georgiy Dzhikiya (3): despite a good presence in the duels, the central defender was eliminated on the goal of Damsgaard and he was guilty of too random placements.

Fedor Kudryashov (4): after dominating his duels for an hour, the central defender lost his footing in the second half and left too many spaces. Replace the 67th minute with Maksim Mukhin (non not).

Mrio Fernandes (5): the right piston contained Mhle well during the first act, but he suffered much more then and left spaces behind his back.

Magomed Ozdoev (4): despite a good presence in the pressing, the midfielder displayed a too messy face and accumulated loss of ball. Replace the 61st minute with Aleksandr Sobolev (non not).

Roman Zobnin (3): author of a game full of activity, the Russian midfielder has messed up with his blind pass behind which offers the second Danish goal Poulsen.

Daler Kuzyaev (4): very active in the first period and author of multiple recoveries, the left piston exploded at the end and caused the loss of balls. Replace the 67th minute with Vyacheslav Karavaev (non not).

Aleksey Miranchuk (3): decisive scorer against Finland (1-0), the Atalanta winger missed out on his match and weighed too little on the Russians’ attacking game. Replace the 61st minute with Rifat Zhemaletdinov (non not).

Aleksandr Golovin (6): the most impactful Russian striker, the image of his slalom concluded by a shot on Schmeichel. But the Mongasque was too lonely and could only shine intermittently.

Artem Dzyuba (5.5): his goal from the penalty spot rewards his warrior match. The colossus weighed on the Danish defense and obtained several fouls, but he will not always have made the right choices, the image of his unfortunate tendency to find himself out of the game.


Kasper Schmeichel (5): the Leicester goalkeeper is solid against Golovin who shoots him at the start of the game and then he did not have much to do until the penalty spot on which he was beaten by Dzyuba.

Andreas Christensen (8): read the comment above.

Simon Kjaer (6): the central defender of AC Milan has sometimes suffered in duels but he gritted his teeth and held his place until the end despite an injury that occurred in the first period. A real captain’s match!

Jannik Vestergaard (5): the central defender of Southampton had started the match strong, whether in his interventions or his raises. But the Dane had more difficulties then against the solid Russian fellows and he concedes a penalty.

Daniel Wass (5.5): first in retreat, the right piston showed more its advantage during the Danish highlight with in particular an inspiring discount towards Braithwaite in the box before giving way. Replace the 60th minute with Jens Stryger Larsen (non not).

Pierre-Emile Hjbjerg (7): the image of his shot not far from hitting the target, the midfielder put a lot of energy into his match to try to wake up Danes long amorphous. Generous in the effort until the end, he launched Mhle on the last goal.

Thomas Delaney (4): the black point of the evening on the Danish side. Badly started in his match, the midfielder of Borussia Dortmund was often behind, which forced him to multiply the faults. Replace the 86th minute with Mathias Jensen (non not).

Joakim Mhle (6.5): in legs at the start of the game but well contained by Fernandes, the left piston again let go of the horses during the last half hour by multiplying the projections when his team outrageously dominated. Rewarded by his goal at the end of the game.

Martin Braithwaite (5): after a complicated first period due to the opposing defense density, the Bara striker combined better with his teammates after returning from the locker room. He was sometimes lacking in accuracy but he contributed to the goal of 3-1. Replace the 85th minute with Andreas Cornelius (does not).

Yussuf Poulsen (5.5): the RB Leipzig striker does not shake the hour mark to exploit the gift of Zobnin and score the goal of 2-0. Enough to cheer up a performance that was not easy due to the long impeccable marking of the Russians who had completely muzzled him. Replace the 60th minute with Kasper Dolberg (non not).

Mikkel Damsgaard (6.5): ghostly for 38 minutes, the winger of Samp ‘scored a jewel that brought his team out of trouble. As a liberator, the Dane was then more impactful after his achievement. Replace the 72nd minute with Christian Nrgaard (non not).

And for you, who were the best and worst players of the game? Respond in the “comments” area below!

RUSSIA 1-4 DENMARK (mi-tps: 0-1) – EURO 2020 – group B / 3rd day
Stadium: Parken, Copenhagen – Referee: Clement Turpin, France

Buts : A. Dzyuba (70th, pen.) For RUSSIA – M. Damsgaard (38th) Y. Poulsen (59th) A. Christensen (79th) J. Mhle (82nd) ​​for DENMARK
Warnings : F. Kudryashov (28e), I. Diveev (75e), for RUSSIA – T. Delaney (57e), for DENMARK

RUSSIA : M. Safonov – G. Dzhikiya, I. Diveev, F. Kudryashov (M. Mukhin, 67e) – M. Fernandes, D. Kuzyaev (V. Karavaev, 67e) – M. Ozdoev (A. Sobolev, 61e), R. Zobnin – A. Miranchuk (R. Zhemaletdinov, 61e), A. Golovin – A. Dzyuba

DENMARK : K. Schmeichel – A. Christensen, S. Kjr, J. Vestergaard – D. Wass (K. Dolberg, 60e), J. Mhle – P. Hjbjerg, T. Delaney (M. Jensen, 86e) – M. Braithwaite (A. Cornelius, 85e), M. Damsgaard (C. Nrgaard, 72nd) – Y. Poulsen (J. Stryger Larsen, 60th)

VIDEO: Damsgaard’s pretty goal

Poulsen’s rage (0-2, 59th).

Christensen scored one of the highlights of this Euro (1-3, 79th).

The Copenhagen party has only just begun!

The adventure stops there for the Russians and Aleksey Miranchuk.

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