after the Covid-19, Jean-Michel Jarre hopes for a “rebirth”

after the Covid-19, Jean-Michel Jarre hopes for a “rebirth”
after the Covid-19, Jean-Michel Jarre hopes for a “rebirth”

The musician is conducting an electronic music show this Monday in the Cour d’honneur of the Elysée Palace, during which he will perform himself. A symbol, after the shutdown of the cultural sector because of the coronavirus.

A new step towards post-Covid. This Monday evening, the Élysée will celebrate the music festival to the rhythm of the electronic sounds of several players in the nightlife world. All under the supervision of Jean-Michel Jarre, in charge of the programming of this outdoor concert in the Cour d’honneur. A symbol, according to the musician, after particularly difficult months for the sector:

“This year, it was decided that we can celebrate the electronic music which has suffered so much during this pandemic and which continues to suffer, in the courtyard of the Élysée, high place of the Republic which basically belongs to us all “, he explains on BFMTV, live from the Court of Honor. “We take this opportunity to thank the tenant of the premises for inviting us to make some noise in his yard.

“The kick-off of a life we ​​hope will be normal”

The coronavirus crisis has dealt a particularly brutal blow to electronic music, with the prolonged closure of nightclubs. While the nightlife glimpses the end of the tunnel, with a return to standing concerts from June 30 and the reopening of nightclubs on July 9 (with restricted gauges and on presentation of a health pass), Jean- Michel Jarre hopes for a revival:

“This music festival is the kick-off of a life that we hope will be normal, especially for the music sector which has suffered so much, and the desire to change the paradigm, to give music the respect it deserves. ‘she deserves,’ he says happily. “It is the symbolic kickoff of a rebirth […] It is the idea of ​​sharing at the beginning of this summer that we hope to unmask and stand up, to be able to launch this festival season. “

However, health measures have not been forgotten: stools have been installed, so that the assistance (made up of young beneficiaries of the culture pass and local traders affected by the crisis) is not standing. “We feel that we will soon be up, but like our ancestors the homo sapiens, we have to get up gradually”, jokes Jean-Michel Jarre. “We’re lifting, but we’re still sitting for a few days.”

Women in the spotlight

“I was entrusted with the programming of this evening, and it seemed important to me to show the diversity of this music and the place of women in electronic music, which is important,” he continues.

“There is a very interesting program with an artist like NSDOS who is a multimedia artist, experimental musician, dancer … There is also Irène Dresel, a DJ who does floral, poetic, delicate techno, she could be a child. de Prévert 2.0. And then there is our national disco-electro icon, Marc Cerrone, and an artist called Glitter who makes more sunny, sensual and festive music, and I will have the pleasure of closing this evening at around 10 p.m. hours. ” Everything will be broadcast on Culturebox and Facebook.

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