EDF Flamanville power station: a leak “far greater than the maximum authorized”

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Published on 21 June 21 at 15:23

A new incident was reported by the EDF power plant in Flamanville (Manche) to the Nuclear Safety Authority. (© Jean-Paul BARBIER)

The Flamanville power station periodically performs regulatory checks ofsealing of its storage tanks for radioactive gaseous effluents. A tank was thus emptied in February and “the operation was carried out in accordance with our procedures”, indicates EDF.

A first nitrogen sweeping step, in order to completely remove the radioactive gases, must be carried out after the discharge conditions have been determined, validated by the operations manager.

A second sweeping step follows, to remove all the hydrogen from the tank before it is vented.

“This release is done without specific authorization, since all of the radioactive gases were cleaned during the first stage. But when the discharge operation was carried out in June 2021, the first stage was launched without waiting for the validation of the discharge conditions by the operations manager. “


A significant event for the environment

If “no regulatory limit has been exceeded”, the management of the plant declared this event on June 11 to the Nuclear Safety Authority, as significant for the environment.

“This leak is much higher than the maximum authorized for the whole of 2021, which is 100 kg. And this is the second time of the year that this has happened in Flamanville ”, according to the Sortir du nuclear network which recalls that, on April 29,“ the nuclear site declared to have exceeded ”this authorized maximum.

“These emissions were recorded on five refrigeration or air conditioning equipment distributed on the site”, then noted EDF which had recorded 140.17 kg of fluid emissions.

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EDF Flamanville power station leak greater maximum authorized

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