The pressure is on the Golden Knights, believes Brendan Gallagher

The pressure is on the Golden Knights, believes Brendan Gallagher
The pressure is on the Golden Knights, believes Brendan Gallagher

If the Canadian had won Game # 4 yesterday, he would have been in the driver’s seat with a 3-1 lead. However, this is not currently the case due to the loss in Game # 4.

But does that mean the Knights are in the driver’s seat? Not necessarily.

Yes, they found a way to beat Carey Price. Yes, they have the ice advantage again. Yes, they have the momentum on their side.

But that’s not all that matters.

Brendan Gallagher has his own idea on this. In a press conference, the # 11 of the Canadian affirmed that the pressure is taken into account in the file.

And in his eyes, the Knights have it, the pressure.

It is true that the Canadian was not the favorite in any of his series. And yet…

What could have been a game-changer in Game # 4, you know as well as I do, is the refereeing. Everyone is talking about it right now and it is a source of frustration for a lot of people.

That said, Brendan Gallagher doesn’t want to go into this – not publicly, at least.

We understand that the guys are angry and that they can’t talk about it, but that obviously pisses them off.

Remember that Renaud Lavoie quarreled on the air with Stéphane Auger on this subject. When I say that it polarizes …

Even François Legault, who likes to talk about hockey since the playoffs began, added his two cents to the debate by implying that he was not satisfied with the work of the referees.

Obviously, this has something to add to the pressure of the Knights. Everyone knows that the referees have been in their corner since the start of the series against the Canadiens and that the NHL office would like to see Vegas advance to the final.

And if they lose anyway, it won’t be nice to see.

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