“I will vote Renaud Muselier”, says left-wing candidate Jean-Laurent Félizia

The head of the union list of the left in Paca, Jean-Laurent Félizia. – NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP

  • The EELV candidate in Paca Jean-Laurent Félizia, who arrived in third position, justified his withdrawal in the face of the risk of victory for the RN.
  • He also announced his intention to vote for Renaud Muselier, and wants a majority of his voters to do the same.

On the doorstep of the local campaign of Jean-Laurent Félizia, head of the list of the left coalition to the regional in Paca, mines are serious, prohibited. The Var ecologist appeared at the appointed time in front of a horde of journalists who had come in large numbers to listen to his statement. A few hours earlier, Jean-Laurent Félizia had announced his decision to withdraw from the in-between rounds, after having considered keeping himself in a triangular position that opposed him to RN Thierry Mariani and outgoing LR candidate Renaud for a while. Muzzle.

“Believe that no one has more trouble than me to tell you this evening, but, at the regional level, I will vote next Sunday Renaud Muselier to beat Mariani and his sad cohort”, launches the head of the list, his eyes red .

“Owner of no vote”

The left-wing candidate claims to be “owner of no vote in this election”, and believes that “betrayed Republican fronts and forgotten promises fuel abstention, the feeling that everything is worth. “However, Jean-Laurent Félizia says he does not accept” that our Provence becomes in the world a symbol of intolerance and hatred. “

“The gap between Renaud Muselier and the candidate of the far right is unfortunately higher than that which was announced in the early hours of the evening”, justifies the Var ecologist. And to estimate: “I do not have the right to play with fire”.

The voters of the left will they follow him in this way to counter the RN, who came first in the first round? “I hope with all my heart that we are a majority to do so,” asks Jean-Laurent Félizia. In the written speech distributed to the press after his speech, the head of the list had to affirm, with more certainty: “I will do it, and I know that we will be a majority to do it. “


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