When will the Adji Sarr Vs Ousmane Sonko trial? (By Seydou Nourou Niass)

When will the Adji Sarr Vs Ousmane Sonko trial? (By Seydou Nourou Niass)
When will the Adji Sarr Vs Ousmane Sonko trial? (By Seydou Nourou Niass)
Much blood was spilled during the protests last March. In this story which sadly hit the headlines, so called the Adji Raby Sarr / Ousmane Sonko affair.

Blood flowed a lot and tears too. Let us simply recall that it was at the base of a visit to a massage parlor where the political leader had gone overnight during a state of emergency and at the time of the curfew. One thing led to another, this visit turned into a real affair of manners.

Ousmane Sonko a Senegalese politician seen by some as the main opponent of the President of the Republic Macky Sall has been accused of rape and death threat by the young masseuse Adji Sarr, aged 21. This private affair at the beginning became public by the statute of the politician and was widely commented by the ones and the others. She and ended up plunging the country into total chaos.

It must be recognized that there are still gray areas in addition to the disproportionate means used. Furious demonstrators attacked stores, shops, gas stations, they set fire to cars, media houses, public and private property, etc. Many things were ransacked by demonstrators considered to be pro-Ousmane Sonko . And this, after the arrest of the leader of pastef the patriots. Riots that caused the death of more than thirteen people, mainly young people.

The respondent had declared from the start that he would not defer to the summons of the judge of the 8th cabinet because first of all of his parliamentary immunity and then ‘he considered him non-independent. Before returning to better feelings.

Since the outbreak of this affair Ousmane Sonko has not stopped shouting a plot hatched against him. He maintains that the police officers of the gendarmerie, the testimonies of the people cited in this case as well as the medical certificate demonstrate that there was no rape. Why then wait so long for him to be tried and set the record straight? And if only for the memory of the victims, the law must be said.

After being in custody for seventy-two hours and being placed under judicial control, things do not seem to be moving.

What are the judicial authorities waiting for to settle this case and above all to build us up before the local elections scheduled for January 23, 2022? It is time for justice to show the whole world that it is independent. Otherwise, the opposite would agree with the deputy Ousmane Sonko and all those who insist that there is a stranglehold of the executive in the functioning of justice in our country.

The only victims in this case are the young people who lost their lives, the others injured and some still in prison. People who have lost their property without being compensated. What will happen to Adji Sarr who can no longer move freely? From Ndeye Khady Ndiaye, the owner of sweet beauty forced to move to see her salon closed, or from the former Captain Oumar Touré who was struck off on June 17 by the Head of State.

Is the government so afraid of Ousmane Sonko that he should not be tried? or is the unsuccessful 2019 presidential candidate right that it is just a political cabal as he often says ?. When will the Adji Sarr Ousmane Sonko trial? A question that the Minister of Justice Keeper of the Seals must answer.

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