Jürgen Conings’ body found, Belgium is breathing … a little

Jürgen Conings’ body found, Belgium is breathing … a little
Jürgen Conings’ body found, Belgium is breathing … a little

Colossal means had been deployed to arrest this soldier, known for his far-right opinions, who disappeared on May 17 with a large arsenal. His body was found by chance on June 20. If this discovery ends the hunt, the case has given rise to a disturbing movement of support around the figure of Conings. Which could leave traces.

“Dog brigades, a combat helicopter, thermal cameras, the army, the federal and local police: all this deployment so that, in fine, a bourgmestre doing mountain biking and a Sunday hunter, alerted by the smell of corpses , allow you to locate a decomposing body ”, abstract The evening, this June 21.

For a month now, colossal means had been deployed to track down Jürgen Conings, a military man known for his far-right positions and threats to several personalities, who had disappeared on May 17. , under suspicious conditions. Conings, 46, had carried away an impressive arsenal of war, stolen from the barracks to which he was assigned, and left farewell letters suggesting that he was preparing for the worst.

For days, hundreds of police and soldiers were deployed in the Haute Campine national park, in eastern Belgium, where the military was probably entrenched. The material and human resources (hundreds of police and soldiers) mobilized to find him would have a cost for the Defense of 650,000 euros, according to The morning. Jürgen Conings’ car was first found, with four rocket launchers inside, then a backpack that contained ammunition and antipsychotic drugs, as stated in the GARDEN.

But no trace of the fugitive. Until May 20, when the mayor of a neighboring town, who was riding a mountain bike, as well as a hunter smelled a strong smell of a decomposing corpse and alerted the police. In the evening, the prosecution was able to confirm that it was the body of Jürgen Conings. The preferred avenue is that of suicide.

Goofs and questions

In the Belgian press, the day after this outcome, we find words of compassion for the family of the deceased, and a sigh of relief, particularly with regard to the



Jürgen Conings body Belgium breathing

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