Belgium: the body of Jürgen Conings, a far-right soldier on the run, has been found

Belgium: the body of Jürgen Conings, a far-right soldier on the run, has been found
Belgium: the body of Jürgen Conings, a far-right soldier on the run, has been found

HUNT – The body found in eastern Belgium is that of Jürgen Conings, a far-right soldier wanted since May 17, according to forensic expertise, the results of which were published this Sunday by the federal prosecutor’s office.

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More than a month of stalking. Which could have ended in suicide. The forensic examination commissioned by the investigation confirmed the first elements of the investigation, according to which the body of Jürgen Conings, this radicalized far-right soldier who had fled, had been found on Sunday, June 20 in the east of Belgium. According to the first observations, the cause of death would be linked to a suicide by firearm. This information, as well as the identity of the body, was confirmed in the early evening, Sunday, June 20.

A soldier considered dangerous

The body of this man was indeed discovered by walkers in the woods of the municipality of Dilsen-Stockem, in the Dutch-speaking province of Limburg. This same area in which the vehicle of the 46-year-old soldier had been discovered, the day after his flight.

Enough to put an end to a manhunt that began on May 17. And out of state to harm this soldier, considered dangerous by the Belgian authorities. Recorded by the national organization for analyzing the terrorist threat (Ocam), since last February, he was suspected of wanting to attack the Belgian state and the Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst, expert who became a figure of the epidemic of coronavirus in the country.

If he was among the “thirty” members of the Belgian army monitored by the military intelligence services for their “sympathies” with the extreme right, his flight has seriously damaged the Belgian defense services. Because it revealed many flaws in the surveillance of radicalized elements within the army. Thus, despite his registration with Ocam, neither the hierarchies of the Ministry of Defense nor that of military intelligence had been informed of this registration. And despite this alert, Jürgen Conings also had access to weapons and ammunition in his barracks. This had allowed him to build up a real military arsenal. Four anti-tank rocket launchers and ammunition were found in his abandoned vehicle. Authorities also feared he might be in possession of lighter weaponry for his run.

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This file had the effect of a thunderclap across Quiévrain. The Belgian government has thus undertaken to tighten the rules on access to armaments and several internal investigations have been launched. In addition, twelve soldiers were removed from depots and sensitive places because of this type of radical opinion.

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Belgium body Jürgen Conings farright soldier run

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