Euro: in the “group of death”, a last hellish day

Euro: in the “group of death”, a last hellish day
Euro: in the “group of death”, a last hellish day

GROUP F – The Blues failed to validate their ticket against Hungary on Saturday in Budapest. The scenario, if it is not made to please us, will keep us going until the last minute of this group stage.

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Who would’ve believed that ? By failing to cool the ardor of the Hungarians in the Puskas Arena (1-1), the French missed the opportunity to validate their ticket for the knockout stages … and have not yet joined the Italians, the Dutch and the Belgians. But did we expect less in this famous “group of death”? We must recognize that the inaugural victory of France against the Germans (1-0) could give us the impression that the hardest part had been done. By stumbling, Saturday in Budapest, against the 37th Fifa nation, the reigning world champions maintain the suspense.

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The Blues take on the Euro

At the end of the 2nd day of the group stage, all scenarios are still possible, with France in the lead (4 pts), ahead of Germany and Portugal (3 pts), while Hungary brings up the rear with a point. To join the round of 16, the Blues would be well inspired to keep it simple, on June 23 at 9 p.m. (live on TF1 and live commented on, and to win.

The Blues can settle for a draw against Portugal

But a simple draw would be enough to validate the ticket, or even the first place in the group, in the event of a draw or positive for Hungary against the team. In the event of a defeat, the Habs would be second in the event of a draw between Germany and Hungary, third if Germany wins and dependent on the goal average if Hungary wins. The Blues are in any case guaranteed to finish third and could be qualified before playing on Wednesday, depending on the results in the other groups.

For Portugal, it’s more complicated. The Lusitanians will only ensure the qualification if they are successful. A draw would leave them within reach of Germany, which would pass them in the event of victory only. A victory for Löw’s men would in any case close the doors to first place in the group. If defeated, the Portuguese would finish third at best and could even finish last, if the Hungarians win against Germany.

Germany master of its destiny against Hungary

In the other meeting to come in this group F, the Germans will secure at least second place if they beat Hungary. By playing in Munich, Germany will have the double advantage of benefiting from the support of their home fans and depriving the Hungarians of the incredible fervor of the Puskas Arena in Budapest. In case of victory, the quadruple world champions would be first in the group as long as France does not win. A draw against Hungary would qualify Germany in the event of a loss or draw for Portugal. They would be third, if this draw were combined with a defeat for the Blues. Be careful, however, Thomas Müller’s teammates can always finish last and come out of the competition in the event of a defeat combined with a draw or a victory for Portugal.

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Hungary are the only team in the group not to have their destiny in their hands. The Hungarians are doomed to win for a chance to finish in the top two. It would be certain if Portugal lost to France, impossible in the event of a draw, and depending on the goal average in case of victory of the Lusitanians. Any other result than a victory would further doom Marco Rossi’s players in last place.

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Euro group death hellish day

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