13 Amazon Prime Video Fantasy & Sci-Fi Series to resume

13 Amazon Prime Video Fantasy & Sci-Fi Series to resume
13 Amazon Prime Video Fantasy & Sci-Fi Series to resume

Amazon Prime Video has one of the most interesting catalogs in the streaming scene. It is varied and does not disgust neither non-commercial cinema nor the classics. A good example is their juicy selection of sci-fi series, which ranges from children’s myths of the 80s to current animated experiences. Here is our pick of the 13 best.

‘Docteur Who’ (S5-10)

You’ll have to hurry with this: “Doctor Who” will drop from the Amazon Prime Video grid starting now, June 30. After that, we do not know if it will be renewed, or even if there will be more seasons, but for now we have to binge on the mythical British family sci-fi series (but very clever) of space travel. temporal. The seasons that exist are all those of Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi: two irreplaceable incarnations for an entire institution of fantasy television.

‘File X’

‘File X’ is a Fox production, so you have it on Disney + as well, but maybe when the license period that Amazon Prime Video has contracted expires, it will be exclusively for the mouse platform. But for now, you have on Amazon this classic of the whole pop ufology conspiracy. to once again enjoy the powerful sexual tension and existential doubts of Mulder and Scully.

‘Stargate SG-1’

No less than ten seasons has the series based on the decent but highly successful Roland Emmerich film from the nineties. Alien invasions via a portal that puts us in contact with warrior alien races whose cultures are inspired by Egypt, King Arthur, Norse and Greek myths, and much more. It has a very sizable fan base, fascinated by its healthy adventurous spirit, and also a few spin-offs, most of which are also accessible through Amazon if you’ve taken out the MGM additional channel.

‘Battlestar Galactica’

While we continue to demand a reissue / reissue under the pretty ’70s’ Star Wars’ plagiarism that gave birth to this modern classic, for now we can review this top of science fiction (four seasons and a mini, all available) powerful drama and intelligent political subtext, extremely valid today. The Cylons remain at the base of the canyon as icons of the genre on television, and the group has aged with great grace.

‘The extent’

A Missing Girl is the mcguffin of this highly praised series wherever it airs, first on SyFy and, after its cancellation, picked up by Amazon Prime Video, which will conclude the story when I get to season six. The first five are available on the service in a mix of film noir, traditional space genre, and clever reflections on how political affairs worked during the Cold War.

‘M. Robot ‘(T1-3)

Although the fourth and final season is missing, the first three are a pretty technoparanoid carousel and include the revelation of the now acclaimed Rami Malek, who makes up a vulnerable and not entirely empathetic anti-hero. A very modern series (in fact, after Cyclone Anonymous is likely to go out of fashion), but it’s a portrait in thriller format of a very specific moment in the history of tech and how we reacted to its shock. with our lives.


A small wonder animated by the organic and fascinating technique of rotoscoping, used here with very good judgment present a liquid reality that transforms before the eyes of the protagonist. The latter, after an accident, discovers that time and space are more than relative concepts. A series of ten on several levels, but which shines above all in the interpretations of Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk.


The beyond is our personalities uploaded to a paid server: this is the starting point of a post-‘The Good Place’ satire that uses the technological parody of our daily habits to raise essential questions about how death affects the rich and the poor differently… just as they lived differently. Sour and runny, this was one of the most notable pandemic surprises of the past year and now awaits its second season.

“The Electric Dreams of Philip K. Dick”

Amazon’s attempt to create its own “Black Mirror,” with independent sci-fi stories and some leverage in the present it didn’t work one hundred percent despite stories from someone as distinguished as Philip K. Dick. However, it’s a very interesting series, based on forgotten stories of a classic that still has a lot to adapt and, like the originals, is full of bold and compelling ideas.

“Stories on a loop”

The visual creations of painter Simon Stålenhag are the inspiration for this series which sets itself apart from the fast-paced, cliffhangers-filled rhythms of most television series. Here we have a group of people who live around the loop, a contraption that distorts space and time, and we are described how their lives change in the most intimate way, in a different series full of great ideas with almost literary roots.


Half-way between the fantasy of nostalgia camp and the terrifying story of a tale with apocalyptic overtones and reptilian invaders which devours vermin and creates a race of monstrous hybrids, ‘V’ is in any case a classic of the pop culture of the 80s. It marked a generation and we can easily understand why in the original miniseries, the series already less interesting which pursued it and the recent reboot which is not entirely without interest.

“The man of the high castle”

Another adaptation by Philip K. Dick, here from one of his most enigmatic and popular novels, which goes far beyond its initial concept of uchronia in which the Nazis won WWII and they gave birth to the United States ruled by Germans and Japanese. The series very cleverly spans the original novel over four seasons, with a story of parallel universes that makes good use of the shocking combination of swastikas and North American symbology.

“Star Trek: The Lower Bridges”

If a ‘Star Trek’ series doesn’t get the green light from hiking with less sense of humor, who say business things are not to take them to chufa, you are up against something worth seeing. In that case, an iconoclastic series, but also brimming with knowledge about the history of the franchise, in a parody halfway between ‘Futurama’ and ‘Rick and Morty’ featuring the secondary ones who still die in the space epic.

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