71 new positive tests, 7 severe cases in shear and 1,158 deaths in total

71 new positive tests, 7 severe cases in shear and 1,158 deaths in total
71 new positive tests, 7 severe cases in shear and 1,158 deaths in total
Covid-19: 71 new positive tests, 7 serious cases in real life and 1,158 deaths in total

The coronavirus case counter is climbing in Senegal. The disease is spreading, with 71 new people testing positive for Covid-19, on a sample of 1,899 tests. Hence a positivity rate of 3.74%, this Sunday, June 20.

The press release n ° 276 on the evolution of the pandemic from the Ministry of Health and Social Action informs that these results of virological examinations are divided between two groups. “They come from 27 contact cases followed by the services of the ministry and 44 cases resulting from community transmission”, we read.

The new patients identified in the second group are located in the Marists, in the city Sonatel, in Ouest-Foire, in the Almadies, in Amitié 1, in Mermoz, in Yoff, in the city Alioune Sow, in the city Asecna, in the city Fadia, in Dalifort, in La Gueule-Tapée, in Mamelles, in the Medina, in Ngor, in Nord-Foire, in the Parcelles-Assainies, in Point E, in Sacré-Cœur, in Sangalkam, in Sicap Baobab, in Zac Mbao , in Pété, in Thiès, in Kolda, in Popenguine and in Sédhiou.

58 patients reported cured

However, no death linked to Covid-19 was recorded in the country, this Saturday, June 19. Where 7 serious cases are currently being taken care of in the intensive care units.

The Ministry of Health to indicate that 58 hospitalized patients were tested negative, therefore declared cured. While reassuring on the state of health of other patients considered stable.

Since the start of this pandemic, Senegal has recorded 42,404 positive cases of the coronavirus, including 40,875 people cured, 1,158 people dead, 1 patient evacuated (who died in France). So, they are 370 patients to be under treatment.

In addition, 3,344 people were vaccinated yesterday Saturday, bringing the total number to 489,950.

The health authorities continue to reiterate their recommendations to the population, insisting especially on the compulsory and correct wearing of the mask to stop the chain of transmission of Covid-19.

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