the toll rises to 92 houses affected by a tornado in Beauraing, other entities impacted by thunderstorms

the toll rises to 92 houses affected by a tornado in Beauraing, other entities impacted by thunderstorms
the toll rises to 92 houses affected by a tornado in Beauraing, other entities impacted by thunderstorms

Bad weather night in Wallonia. A tornado hit several entities. Beauraing was particularly affected but also Namur, Rochefort, Péruwelz, Leuze-en-Hainaut, Lessine, the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg. On Facebook, images of the night were posted. In particular these, shot at the Domaine du Moulin d’Eprave in the province of Namur.

There were minor injuries, tells Mathieu Demaret, the author of this video. There are dozens of houses whose roofs have been torn off. The windows, sprayed. Century-old trees uprooted and uprooted. There was a car totally run over by a tree in a parking lot too… no power all night. The electricity pylons were in places on the ground and the wires severed. “

We had never experienced this!

We had never experienced this! “, continues the Epravois. “We often see it on television but I assure you that for a few minutes, we don’t know what to do … just find a solid place like here to hide! A huge stone pillar under a bridge in the field! People were grabbing branches and flying objects in the face… “

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The village is located a few tens of kilometers from the town of Beauraing where the authorities speak of a tornado. Our teams went on site this Sunday morning: roofs torn off, cars moved and gutted, the sports hall of the Notre Dame du Sacré-Cœur school blown away.

A total of 92 houses were affected by this tornado in Beauraing. About ten of them are uninhabitable. Six people have been temporarily relocated and other relocation requests are currently being handled. Other citizens have been relocated with other Beaurinois. For them too, we will have to find a solution.

About fifteen cars are also buried at Castel St-Pierre. “Many trees and electricity pylons fell, causing traffic problems. The power grid operator Ores is installing temporary poles to restore the power supply. The SWDE, manager of the water supply network, is responsible for filling the reservoirs to supply the homes concerned. The Institut Notre-Dame du Sacré-Cœur de Beauraing makes direct contact with the families of the students to discuss the organization of the Monday school day“, details the City.

Seventeen slightly injured, including thirteen who were on the terrace of a cafe when the tornado passed, were affected. “There is no negative evolution.“The City asks the population not to go to the places concerned so as not to clutter the traffic lanes and disrupt the intervention of the emergency services. It also invites citizens not to clutter the telephone lines of Ores, SWDE ​​and emergency services for the installation of tarpaulin on the roofs concerned. “They are unable to carry out this task given the number and extent of the damage.”

The steeple of the church takes off in Laloux

In Laloux, a small village near Rochefort, the roof of the church flew off and its steeple with it. Here too the emergency plan was triggered.

A house of Saint-Servais, on the territory of the City of Namur, was struck by lightning, indicate the firefighters of the NAGE zone (Namur, Andenne, Gembloux, Eghezée).

The roof of the house, located on Chemin de Saint-Marc, was pierced and a fire started. However, the firefighters were able to intervene quickly and limit the damage.

The Walloon capital and its surroundings were affected by severe thunderstorms around 11:00 p.m. Saturday, for about 30 minutes. The NAGE emergency zone received about twenty calls. These mainly concerned flooded roads and caves.

Forty interventions in Picardy Wallonia

In the area to the east of Picardy Wallonia, the firefighters intervened on around 40 occasions. We do not deplore any injuries, indicates the dispatching of the Wapi zone.

Various localities of the entities of Péruwelz, Leuze-en-Hainaut and Lessines were affected. These towns are on the same line, to the east of Picardy Wallonia (western Hainaut).

There too, the services of the rescue zone cleaned up mudslides on the public road, trees and deciduous trees blocking the roads and emptying of cellars. No accident is to be deplored.

The last interventions ended around 4 a.m.

Damage also in the province of Luxembourg

The firefighters of the province of Luxembourg intervened on a hundred occasions, indicates the Luxembourg emergency zone on Sunday morning.

The bad weather hit the whole of the province, causing the fall of trees, branches, cables, but also some flooding of cellars. The firefighters intervened in particular in Bras, in the town of Libramont, where the roof of a house had been torn off. The rescue zone recorded around a hundred exits, the peak of intensity stretching from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Interventions were still in progress in the morning.

In Liège, falling trees and flooding

In Liège, more than fifty interventions were recorded. The firefighters in the Liège area intervened about fifteen times during the night, mainly for falling trees and flooding. No injuries are to be deplored.

In the Hemeco emergency zone, around twenty interventions were recorded. The thunderstorms mainly caused falling trees without any major accident.

Their colleagues in the Hesbaye area have also been mobilized about ten times for the same type of inconvenience. The firefighters visited the municipalities of Burdinne, Verlaine and Hannut for pumping and cutting.

Same story for the Vesdre – Hoëgne & Plateau area, with more than fifteen interventions. The helpers went in particular to the municipalities of Soumagne, Trooz or even Pepinster for debitage.


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