Ban Ki-moon still does not forgive Mohammed VI

Ban Ki-moon still does not forgive Mohammed VI
Ban Ki-moon still does not forgive Mohammed VI

Mohammed V and Ban Ki-moon

Western Sahara remains a very sensitive subject for Morocco, which has been claiming the territory since 1976. And, the former Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon does not know if he will one day be able to be reconciled with the King of the United Nations. Morocco Mohammed VI on his 2016 visit to Western Sahara.

In a recently published book, former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recalled the dispute with Morocco in relation to his declaration on the status of Western Sahara, during his visit to the region, in March 2016, asserting that the term occupation is only the truth. But, the man says he does not know if he will one day be able to reconcile with the king of Morocco Mohammed VI about his 2016 visit to Western Sahara. “We may meet again in the future, probably at a conference on climate change or youth initiatives. But I dont know when. I don’t know if we will reconcile either, ”he said.

In “Resolved: Uniting Nations in a Divided World”, a brief just published by Columbia Publishers, former head of international diplomacy Ban Ki-moon reviews his two terms at the head of the organization . In the chapter titled “There are people with whom you will never agree”, he explains how relations with Rabat have deteriorated during the last years of his mandate.

After taking an interest in the UN mission in the Sahara (MINURSO), Ban Ki-moon reportedly contacted the Moroccan authorities to organize a trip to the refugee camps. According to the former secretary general, the government “intentionally delayed” the visit on the grounds that Mohammed VI wished to receive him personally and that his busy schedule did not allow him to do so.

Shortly before leaving his post, and “frankly frustrated” by the accusations from Rabat, Ban Ki-moon decided to go, with his own entourage, to the region, where he was greeted by protests and stones by the people. Sahrawi refugees. The visit had to be interrupted after protesters rocked the official car, outraged by the lack of progress in negotiations with Morocco.

Rabat asked Ban to “apologize to his government and to King Mohammed VI” for speaking of Moroccan “occupation”. “I was surprised when he ordered me to apologize to his government and to King Mohammed VI,” Ban says. Remember that the situation in Western Sahara has posed diplomatic problems in Rabat for decades. The recent hospitalization in Spain of the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, outraged the Moroccan government and created a crisis between Madrid and Rabat.

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