Self-tests on the beaches, “Japanese-style” tracing: what will change this summer in the hunt for Covid-19

Self-tests on the beaches, “Japanese-style” tracing: what will change this summer in the hunt for Covid-19
Self-tests on the beaches, “Japanese-style” tracing: what will change this summer in the hunt for Covid-19

EPIDEMIC – Self-tests on the beaches, a “Japanese-style” tracing and prefects who will be able to enforce isolation, … Olivier Véran unveiled this Sunday the evolution of the fight against the coronavirus. We take stock of what will change.

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He reiterates his commitment last summer. In the columns of Sunday newspaper, Olivier Véran unveiled this Sunday, June 20 the new plan to fight against the coronavirus for the coming months: screening campaign with extensive self-tests, reinforced tracing and isolation measures more “coercive”. As on June 20, 2020, he assures that now “It is no longer the virus that stalks us, but we that stalk it”.

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5 million resort tests

The new summer method is fully in line with the “test-trace-isolate” triptych. Except this time, “we have more tools at our disposal”, welcomed the Minister of Health to our colleagues. The antivirus net is getting stronger. The stitches are narrowing. Starting with screening. Self-tests should be widely distributed, free of charge, in resorts. This will be the case, for example, on beaches, in campsites or even hotels. “We are going to multiply collective screening by self-test”, announced the minister. “This is not to replace PCR tests or antigen tests, but to add an additional mesh to our net”. Five million tests will therefore be provided to leisure centers and holiday camps, and two million will be reserved for the places of departure and arrival of holidaymakers, specifies the weekly. Beyond personal screening, another form of testing, even faster, will be tested. The one with sniffer dogs. Deployed in two zones – an airport and a port – this strategy could be extended more widely during the summer “if these results prove to be conclusive”.

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“Japanese retrospective tracing”

With a summer period conducive to the decline of the epidemic, but also to the multiplication of contacts, the Minister of Health has also planned to strengthen tracing, in order to seek all the chains of contamination. Beyond the investigation to find the contact cases of an infected patient, the authorities now want to go back to the origin of the contamination, to know how the sick person was infected. A “retrospective tracing, Japanese style”, as described by the ministry.

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