Jessica Thivenin: Deceived by Thibault? She throws a message that speaks volumes!

Jessica Thivenin got wind of rumors about her husband’s infidelities. And apparently, she doesn’t believe it for a second!

Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia have seen better days. Indeed, for a few weeks, they are at the heart of several rumors concerning their couple. According to some bloggers, the young man has been unfaithful to Jessica on several occasions. In the past, Thibault had already denied similar information. But recently, he did not speak again on the subject. However, Internet users are unleashed. Indeed, he spent 6 days in Dubai without his wife. And many think that it was the opportunity for him to go and look elsewhere… On the web, for example, we could read: “ Leaves her alone anymore through snap we saw that she was missing her half… she was so sad ...» , « She forgave your deception yet again ?? “ , “I found my wife after cheating on her at the hotel”, ” After having cheated on her, it’s really disgusted***. ».

Jessica silences the haters with a message

Ⓒ Jessica Thivenin’s Snapchat – Jessica throws a meaningful message

Jessica was of course very sad to spend a week away from her sweetheart. Especially since the pretty blonde is very jealous by nature. We suspect that she must have been worried by reading such messages from Internet users … But she knows her husband better than anyone, and her confidence in him is unshakeable. That’s why Jessica shared a message that says it all! ” Rumors are lies invented by envious people, often repeated by morons and believed by idiots. Smart people check before they believe! “. A message heavy with meaning, which shows that Jessica does not believe for a single second the rumors about her husband. On the contrary, it points to those who share the information without any verification. Well done Jessica!


Jessica Thivenin Deceived Thibault throws message speaks volumes

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