Happy Father’s Day! | The Journal of Montreal

Happy Father’s Day! | The Journal of Montreal
Happy Father’s Day! | The Journal of Montreal

Do we still have the right to celebrate Father’s Day in 2021?

Would this be seen as a provocation?

A reactionary act?


Because if there is a figure that has been dragged through the mud for some time, it is the figure of the father.

The father is authority, tyranny, oppression.

It represents everything that is currently perceived to be bad.

We are in the era of the mother. The mother envelops, pampers, pampers, caresses, nurses, coaxes, cuddles, pampers.

The mother is the ideal figure for the little rabbits. It’s the bubble wrap they roll up to.

It’s the blanket with a capital D, the ultimate “safe space”, when you hear a word that offends you and upsets you, zoom, you go under mom’s skirt, and immediately, the world becomes pretty again, nice, cozy.

Like when you were curled up in her belly and nothing could reach you.

While the father is rough, rugged, rough.

He pulls you out of under your mother’s skirt and forces you to confront the world, to confront your fears, to build yourself a shell.

Ooh, what a nasty character!

What a horrible fellow!


Everything is maternal now.

Motherhood school, motherhood art, motherhood policy, institutions motherhood.

“Mom, the man said a bad word!”

– Come here, my baby, come and stick yourself against mum’s chest, mum will console you … “

As Roger Waters sang in The Wall : « Hush now baby, baby, don’t you cry

Mama’s gonna make all of your nightmares come true

Mama’s gonna put all of her fears into you

Mama’s gonna keep you right here under her wing

Mama’s gonna keep baby cosy and warm… »

Mom will protect you from daddy’s bad world. Come on, baby, come and wrap yourself in mom’s bubble wrap …

Of the vanquished

On this Father’s Day, I have a very special thought for my friend Guy Corneau, who passed away much too soon.

Few Quebeckers have done as much to restore the image of the father, to give him back his letters of nobility.

I particularly remember a dinner with Guy and his father, a silent man, like all Quebecers of his generation.

We could feel all the love that united them. But also all the tensions which, for too long, divided them, and which boiled on the surface of their silence.

“The masculine, in Quebec, is in the process of emptying itself of its substance,” wrote Guy in Missing father, missed son. Here, the decline of virility was accentuated by the conquest of New France. This stranglehold created among the Quebec fathers a disposition to the behaviors of the dominated, the vanquished. “

Even in the New Testament, the father is absent.

“Joseph will see his paternity denied and he will participate very little in the active life of his son. We will not find him at the bottom of the Cross with Mary. Christ’s last words on the Cross could not be more explicit: “Father, why have you forsaken me?” “

What if today we celebrate the figure of the father?

Happy Father’s Day.

And thank you, dad. You were the best father in the world.

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