opening of polling stations for regional and departmental elections

The polling stations opened Sunday at 8 a.m. in France for the first round of regional and departmental elections.

More than 43 million French women and men are called to the polls for this last electoral meeting before the presidential election of 2022, in order to elect regional and departmental advisers for a six-year term.

According to observers, participation will be one of the challenges of this test for the various political forces.

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In the last regional and departmental elections in December 2015, the turnout was 49.91%.

This double ballot was postponed last March against the backdrop of a peak in the Covid-19 epidemic, to finally be set for June 20 and 27.

The two ballots will allow French voters to elect the presidents of 12 metropolitan regions, as well as of Guadeloupe and Reunion, and to appoint their regional advisers from among 155 candidate lists.

The regional councilors will be elected for six years by proportional representation in two rounds, while the departmental elections, formerly “cantonal”, are held according to a voting system introduced for the first time in 2015, according to which in each canton, the candidates stand for each other. present in pairs, necessarily composed of a man and a woman.

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opening polling stations regional departmental elections

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