Abdulah Arabi explains the meaning of the ‘March for the freedom of the Saharawi people’

Abdulah Arabi explains the meaning of the ‘March for the freedom of the Saharawi people’
Abdulah Arabi explains the meaning of the ‘March for the freedom of the Saharawi people’

The Saharawi delegate for Spain, Abdulah Arabi, explained this Friday the significance of the March for the freedom of the Saharawi people, on the occasion of his arrival at the Sun Gate in Madrid, which we also transcribe below.

From there, the marchers proceeded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where a manifesto with thousands of signatures was handed over, urging the Spanish government to assume its historic responsibility towards the Saharawi people, with what constituted its 53rd province, and to do everything to facilitate the self-determination of Western Sahara on the basis of international law.

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This is a march for the freedom of the Saharawi people which arose as a spontaneous response from Spanish civil society due to this weariness and fatigue, after seeing that the Saharawi people had endured 29 years by betting on peace, and that Morocco ultimately violated the ceasefire.

It is therefore the culmination of a process of denunciation on the part of Spanish society and of the request made to its government to assume its responsibilities concerning Western Sahara. There is a manifesto, and signatures have been collected during all these months, which will be handed over to the Spanish government, in which the Spanish society expresses its rejection of the inaction of the international community and demands a firm role from the Spanish government to help find a solution for the Saharawi people as soon as possible, but respecting international law and international legality.

We are at war due to the violation of the ceasefire by Morocco and we also face the consequences of the pandemic, which continues to exist in the Sahrawi refugee camps and we are ready to continue our fight until that we impose our final goals of freedom and independence.


Abdulah Arabi explains meaning March freedom Saharawi people

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