Hugo Lloris values ​​the confidence of the blue group but warns, “there is still a long way to go”

The three Musketeers – Darko Bandic / AP / SIPA

It’s crazy how we feel since the inaugural victory of the Blues against Germany. Our hearts are light and swollen with confidence, it is a helium balloon. The risk is, of course, to fly too high and get lost in the stratosphere. This is where Hugo Lloris comes in, like the good goalkeeper he is. Confidence, yes, excess, no.

“It is important, in sport in general, to be confident,” said the captain of the France team in a conference on the eve of the match against Hungary. This confidence is based on what has been done before. But there is no extra-confidence. We respect our opponents, we respect the competition. We know the Euro, we know that every detail counts until the end. “France knows something about it for having raised its arms too early on the line in 2016, a flaw that it however seems to have corrected as evidenced by the second star on the jersey.

Keep the envy and the sharp

“It’s important to have entered the competition in this way,” adds Lloris. We will have to rely on this solidity and solidarity, and keep this desire to be sharp and killer when we have the ball. But we must not see ourselves too beautiful either, there is still a long way to go. “

To have fallen in such a tough group with matches in two hostile stadiums and a last against the great rival of the moment, necessarily pushes to modesty. And what could be more exciting than a humble team, sure of its strength. It is decided, as observers, we will continue to ignite until as long as possible. Still higher, the helium balloon.


Hugo Lloris values confidence blue group warns long

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